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Apple Iphone share of stolen phone market drops!
Headline is about iMac while picture is a Macbook Pro. Too Snarky? Haswell would be a big boost to Macbook Pro's battery life. Won't be a big help for the iMac.
Do these percentages add up to 100% for the quarter? Seems barely to add up to 60% with what is shown.
Looks like Gartner has Others as most popular smartphones beating out Samsung as biggest market share. Most be a very successful business. Similar to tablets market share issues.
Not to mention news of New Iphone announcement
  The system is already starting to work.  I received a Facetime call on my ATT Iphone 5 when I was walking on the street in NYC about 10 days ago. It was pretty stable. I haven't seen a big jump in my data use from it so it is probably not too bad if you use it occasionally. It sure beats having to be on wifi to receive a call.
Maybe there aren't enough factories in the world qualified to make Apple products. If the Iphone and the Ipad draw too many manufacturing resources to meet demand then the Mac computer line may be stuck with second string. Same might be true of Apple engineering systems. 
Yes having trouble with Mobile IOS viewing like KrisKalu  
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