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 Moto 360 is only .4" Neither watch is too thick.This is a watch. It's a fashion accessory first and everyone has different tastes. For me, the Moto 360 is almost identical to the dimensions on my "traditional" watch, which I like, and others won't. More options are always a good thing. That being said, this article has some clear points where the author is in left field and being extremely biased.Google did not try to shrink Android. They did the exact opposite of that....
 For Android, NFC is on as soon as the phone is unlocked. No activation needed. It's only a tad faster, but I use it for convenience of not having to carry around all my cards, as has been pointed out here, not speed.
I feel like this is an extremely easy solution. Do exactly what Google has done for years. Use the industry standard 2-step verification with something like Google Authenticator temporary auto generated passwords and don't allow security questions. If you forget your password or lose your phone with Google you have to complete the reset process through an alternate email address. Done deal. (Also have it actually secure the photo back ups and not just select parts of...
 I guess you don't understand how Google updates their OS. Very understandable, because most Android users don't even know.The core security features of Android are included in an app called Google Play Services, completely independent of the OS version running. Because it is an app, Google updates this outside of software updates under carrier control. Google uses this power to automatically push security updates to ALL of its phones (v2.3 and later = ~99.3%) behind the...
 Apple DID open up Keyboards, "widgets" and sharing to 3rd party apps. Pretty remarkable change of heart from Apple and great news for iPhone users. It's a very similar implementation that Android had from day 1, and a feature that iOS users will quickly not be able to live without.
 Even if you sideload apps they are still run through Google Play's server checks for malware the same way Google chrome checks downloads on your desktop computer. Why people bypass these warning messages is beyond me.There are so, so, so few examples of these apps on Android and Apple in their respective App stores. I'm not saying it's 100% immune, it's just incredibly more secure than you're believing.
 The next word predictive text feature (I can type out entire sentences without hitting one single letter based on previous conversations and contextual information) have been out for years!! It's been a part of the stock Google keyboard for over a year now.
 Ya, I know what it does. It's exactly the same as Google's next word predictive keyboard.
 Those at risk were "anyone pirating Swiftkey"Absolutely, Android has a security problem when you install from pirated sources and Chinese and Russian App store.It's not a problem if you don't go in and alter Android's default security settings and features. I would not be worried about Apple's implementation, as this was not a real threat for even Android.
New Posts  All Forums: