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 What? It's insanely simple to use. I used this service back when I had an iPod, iPad and iPhone 4 years ago because I hated iTunes so much. It's fantastically easy. Download the app. Open your music folder. Click upload. Done. My girlfriend did the same thing for her iPhone 5. If you haven't used it, I highly recommend you try it out. It's free, obviously.I think being handcuffed to iTunes was what initially pushed me away from iOS. I see releasing an iTunes app as a good...
 Oh I totally agree that the window ones are obsolete.  I think that, in NYC at least, floor space is so valuable that you really don't have a choice but to keep the units in the window. I wish I had space for a floor unit, I'd immediately get one. It's just not gonna work for me. I'm guess cost could be a factor as well. My windows have about 2 feet until the next building which has it's own windows so I'm not missing out on anything other than a 'fresh' NYC breeze.
 Completely different worlds. Atlanta is a 'newer' city and in the south. You have to have A/C there.  In 'older', cooler cites like Chicago, NYC, Boston, Detroit Etc. it's more common that the buildings are 100+ years old and were built before A/C was even a dream.Literally everyone I know has a window unit, myself included. Built-in A/C in NYC is really hard to find at a reasonable price.I think a phone controlled A/C unit is a great idea if the price is right.
 The functioning is the most brilliant part of this entire concept.Android introduced actions into their phone notifications with 4.3 that allowed notifications to include quick actions, graphics and and expanded view all from within the notification itself. Android wear takes those advanced notifications with their actions and pushes them to the watch. Developers don't have to do anything and their apps will be 100% compatible.
 It's real. And, at first impression, seems perfect.https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dnerqDWwVgghttp://moto360.motorola.com/
 $712 USD.  It'll fly off the shelves for sure. What a great deal!
 Yes. That's exactly how it works.This is truly an embarrassing article. It was on the Play store for a day and Google immediately remotely uninstalled it from any devices that had downloaded it (less than 50 BTW).It's insanely easy to avoid malware in Android. Don't use 3rd party app stores. The only reason this is even an issue is because of China. Google refuses to comply with Chinese government censorship requirements (as they rightfully should, unlike Apple) so they...
 Thanks, that's exactly my point. I gave SEC documents to prove what Google finds the patents be worth and I get bashed. Then, he goes and says the 100x crap with absolutely nothing to back it up. The bias is showing. I really hate that Google and Apple and everyone else are buying up these patents for nothing but lawsuits. It's sickening.
 That $3 billion of cash was not transferred to Lenovo. Add that in with the $5 billion in Google's perception of Motorola's patent portfolio value and it's a $1 billion dollar loss to Google. It's a drop int he bucket for a Google and it's $400 billion market cap. And that $1 billion sale cost seems a little high but, I wouldn't know about that.
 Nope. The amount you paid in excess of the acquisitions worth is assigned to goodwill, not made up categories. That would be illegal. Have I every heard of a company buying patents for itself for $5 billion? Are you serious? That's exactly what Apple did through rockstar consortium.
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