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 1) Let me restate my point: The necessity of carrying cards due to low availability of ApplePay at retailers, coupled with a problematic user experience (for me), leads to me to personally dismiss Apple Pay for having poor utility. Thus, I've not adopted it as a primary payment method, contributing to low usage by me. Perhaps others have this experience and outcome too. This may explain the point of the article. 2) Flakey in the way that — for example — forced me to break...
In my experience, ApplePay just fails to work too often, and is accepted in far too many locations. The end result of that is that I have to carry my cards. If I have to carry my cards, and ApplePay is flakey, I might as well just swipe, as it is (in my experience) much faster.
After installing 10.9.2 (460 MB, about 10 minute install), I have a desktop notification "Optimizing Your Mac: Performance may be impacted until completed." Safari is updated to version 7.0.2 (9537.74.9). I can confirm it fixes the goto fail SSL/TLS bug in Safari. One aspect I've noted is that my external monitor which is rotated 90 degrees reverted to its default rotation setting, and the arrangement reverted too.
This is a hefty update from Apple. 460MB, reboot required. Took about 10 minutes to install on my 27" i7 iMac.
I wonder what their patent portfolio looks like...
Re iCloud, I wish it had the filesharing/filesystem feature set of Dropbox. I've found it to be the killer app that has changed how I and my teams go about doing our work. Were Apple to match it and integrate it into IOS, I'd love my Apple products even more.
I don't care.
Is this yellow journalism?
But, reviews of SimCity are overwhelmingly AWFUL.
The Messages app on my desktop never sends the first message to other iMessage users. The second message almost always goes through. This is not unique to me; other users are struggling with the same issue. 10.8.3 doesn't resolve the long-standing issue. :-(
New Posts  All Forums: