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  Yours is a silly comparison -- the Education Store is clearly and plainly identified as an Apple-owned store. This eBay store is not.   All the major electronics manufacturers that I do business with also clearly identify their eBay stores, which I think is the moral thing to do. While there is probably no legal requirement to do so, I simply would like Apple to have a similar moral compass.
  Wrong much?   1. This article plainly states that it is owned by Apple in the second paragraph. 2. Checking the date on the store (http://myworld.ebay.com/refurbished_outlet/) shows the account was created roughly 13 months after Cook took the reigns of CEO.
Another questionable move by Apple CEO Tim Cook: fundamentally changing the openness and honesty of Apple's dealings with customers.
Anecdotally, I'm seeing vastly more deviation in quality from Apple than I have in the past. For reference, I've been an Apple user commercially since 1985, and have been 100% Apple in my home and workplace since 2006, so I've  bit of tread under me when I make that assertion. Their issues with quality and customer service have been steadily trending negative in my perception since Tim Cook took over the reigns at Apple.    What used to be a no-brainer decision in...
  Do you work for Tim Cook? I've read all your posts, and they sound suspiciously like corporate messaging.
Name-calling doesn't matter. Apple copies too. What matters is who copies most elegantly. Currently, Apple isn't the king of copying any more, nor is it the king of innovation. That's bad news for AAPL shareholders.
Success is selling to your capacity, at the margin you deem sustainable by your clientele. When those numbers start to slip, you're not meeting the ideological perceptions of your client. Keep blabbing, Mr. Cook. The market judges your performance, and thus-far yours sucks. I realize it doesn't matter to you, because you've been compensated for the performance of your predecessors. Apple's board of directors should answer to to that.
So does 6.1.1 address this problem?
I'd buy HBO as a monthly AppleTV subscription if it were untethered from cable. But I won't pay inflated cable prices for a bunch of channels I don't watch. Hello, HBO, are you listening?
New Posts  All Forums: