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Success is selling to your capacity, at the margin you deem sustainable by your clientele. When those numbers start to slip, you're not meeting the ideological perceptions of your client. Keep blabbing, Mr. Cook. The market judges your performance, and thus-far yours sucks. I realize it doesn't matter to you, because you've been compensated for the performance of your predecessors. Apple's board of directors should answer to to that.
So does 6.1.1 address this problem?
I'd buy HBO as a monthly AppleTV subscription if it were untethered from cable. But I won't pay inflated cable prices for a bunch of channels I don't watch. Hello, HBO, are you listening?
Siri is the worst personal assistant I've ever had. Every time I ask her to send a text message, she gives me about 1.5 seconds of talk time before she decides it's time to send the text. Infuriating.
Christ, I'm embarrassed for AppleInsider.
@gwmac, yes, the Remote app for iOS devices lets you use keyboard or siri for input on AppleTV, and also lets you use the touchscreen to move about the AppleTV interface. Additionally, you output your iOS device screen to the AppleTV...
  "IHS iSuppli, which regularly tears apart electronic devices to estimate a "bill of materials," or BOM, pegged the lowest-priced iPad Mini's component costs at $188, with an additional $10 to account for manufacturing. The total of $198 does not include other costs, such as research and development, marketing or capital expenses.   With the 16GB iPad Mini's retail price of $329, the $131 represented a margin of nearly 40%, slightly higher than the 37% margin iSuppli...
Anybody know if Tim Cook is a Railroad Tycoon player?  Cuz it seems like AAPL's using my tried and true RRT strategy: artificially limit revenue across sequential quarters by inhibiting production, driving the stock down from its highs, then initiating a buyback of stock with capital on hand.
Please, Apple, make the height on this display equal to the height of the 27" iMac. Presently, they don't match, which looks (and worse, functions) poorly. Also, give us back the ability to mount iMacs and these monitors on arms via VESA mounts.
New Posts  All Forums: