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One of the best posts I've read, Mark.
Well said.
So, let's punish them on Wall Street. Nevertheless, I'm hoping my iMac Duo will ship tomorrow as promised.
You misread my post. Bottom line is that I think I'll take Apple's track record for predicting and delivering the goods that consumers want over what you want.Oh, well that's entirely different. My POST is befitting an apologist. I, myself, am not. Alrighty then.Other than the fact that a 17" chassis provides over 10% more component and cooling room by virtue of the fact that it's larger. And, whether the physical layout of the board can withstand the additional heat. And...
Do you use "Apologist" as someone who argues for a position, or are you using it in an attempt to label me in a negative way? For what, exactly, do Apple (and, apparently, now, me) need to apologize? For not doing what you think Apple should do?So it's fair if Apple physically can't fit a faster CPU into a 1" enclosure, but not fair if they are reserving it for another enclosure? I don't really get that. It's not like Apple isn't telling you the clock speed of the CPU....
Yeah, I can just hear the comments if Apple had put a faster processor in that required a thicker case to accomodate greater heat dissipation. "Why in the world would Apple make their laptops THICKER..."
Sure they do. In fact, they have at least several. Not being a systems design engineer nor having the pulse of Apple's financial considerations, I can only comment on two reasons that are, erm, rather obvious (IMHO): 1) It's Apple's prerogative to release products as they see fit. After all, it's their product mix/specification decisions that have driven their success; 2) They most certainly have other machines in the pipeline; I prefer to entrust Apple's direction to...
Do any run OS X and include iLife?
I ordered my new 20" iMac Duo on Wednesday night the 11th, with 2 GB RAM, 256 MB video upgrade. Throughout the process Apple indicated 3-5 days to ship.After processing the order, the ship date came back Jan. 19th. Pooh.
Thanks bunches. It's good to be back. Well, approaching being back, anyway. Good news comes in droves, apparently. I've been fighting the good fight with the powers that be at the university where I work, trying to convince them that they suffer from a form of computer bigotry (my last university-purchased computer, a P.O.S. Gateway 'top of the line' laptop, was purchased after administration gave me the green light by saying: "You have $2500 to buy any computer you...
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