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"High Teens" refers to numbers that are between 15 and 20. "Teens" refers to numbers that end with "teen", such as fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, etc.
Everyone complaining about buying a G5 iMac in December should feel pity for me. I bought a Color Classic back in the day. But only after I had purchased a Centris 610. Anyway, check out http://abs.apple.com/transition/. But the biggest news of all, is.... I BOUGHT AN iMAC YESTERDAY! Woot! A Duo, with 2 GB RAM, 256 MB video. When I ordered it, it was 3-5 days shipping. As of this morning, the ship date had slipped to Jan. 19th. Dang it. But it's all good! Apple is...
Interesting: http://abs.apple.com/transition/
Just ordered (last night) a new iMac Duo 20". Scheduled to ship on Jan. 19th. Just a few modifications from standard: 2 GB RAM, 256 MB video. When I ordered, it estimated 3-5 days shipping. Checked this morning, and it isn't scheduled to ship until the 19th. Can't wait. Woot!
Exactly. I envision a car stereo similar to an 8-track of old...just slide it in baby.
I've been pining for an airport enabled boom box for quite some time. I could use one in my woodshop and one for outside parties. If Apple builds it, I'll buy two.
First, Apple *could* keep G5+ PPC for high-end video, and transition consumer grade Macs to Intel. I know the downside... Secondly, from a long-range strategic perspective, this is the transition that *must* occur in order for Apple to become the software shop it truly is. Apple, like many other manufacturers, have transitioned away from designing chip sets to sourcing them. What's left is the software. I've been saying it for years...it's the software stupid. The...
If these guys call themselves Mac experts, and they make that claim, I would run away as fast as you can. It's widely known that Apple computers have very stringent memory requirements, specifically double vs. single sided, the power differential between the two, and timing issues. Sure, it could be bad RAM, or a bad memory controller on the mobo, but it sure sounds suspiciously like a memory mismatch.Try contacting the guys at www.ramjet.com. They're real helpful too.
Connect directly to the airport via ethernet cable, and set the IP address of the device to be on the same subnet as the rest of your network.
No, it's easy. See http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/ima..._20_memory.pdf for directions. The main caveat is being certain that the RAM you're adding meets Apple's specs (detailed in the above PDF doc). The G5 iMac is notorious for RAM incompatibilities.
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