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Is AppleInsider independent from Apple, because articles like this, which are devoid of *any* integrity, make me wonder. That AI would compare an i5 to the new model with an i7 is just inexcusable. Shame on you, Apple Insider.
What in the name of Jobs is going on at Apple? I just bought a 2012 Mac mini i5, which had hardware issues. Back it went, and I bought the i7 model. Now it won't install 10.8.2, as Apple has officially pulled that update for Mac mini owners. Uh, Apple under Tim Cook seems to be just awful. PS, long time Apple user (1984), so I'm no troll. :-)
I visited the Apple Store in Cincinnati today with my wife, and both she and I noticed a difference in the Mini screen compared to iPad Retina (4). That said, we were still very wowed with the iPad Mini. Very light, very solid, and very usable. I couldn't type nearly as well as on the full-sized iPad, but that's to be expected. All said and done, I will buy one -- I just have to decide whether to buy it with LTE or not.
Wait. Apple needs to differentiate their computers from PC's running Windows, and changing the CPU is the way? Ludicrous.
Apple pulled this update as it was bricking a large number of AppleTVs.
Dude, this totally made me laugh. Thanks for that! Great way to start the day.
Also, staggering greed.
Contact Tim Cook directly: tcook@apple.com
My bad, I meant iDisk. Had Back to My Mac on my mind!
I sent an email this weekend to Tim Cook, complaining about the lost functionality in the move from MobileMe to iCloud. Specifically, I bemoaned the loss of sync services (syncing application preferences, keychain, etc.) and the loss of Back to My Mac. I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from his office just now. The outcome is that while there are no plans to add these services, Apple is open to it if there's enough feedback on the subject. So folks, please, send a...
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