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I use keychain sync, and I sync mail sigs and mail rules. This makes it so convenient as a multi-machine user (laptop, home desktop, and work computer). In combination, all the MobileMe syncing makes my computers all work the same way with zero ongoing configuration by me. I was hoping with the addition of iCloud that model would be extended to document sharing as well. Seems like with iCloud it's a tentative half step forward and several full steps back.
Microsoft PR chief Frank Shaw tweets a response to Drummond's post by including an email in which Google turns down an offer to partner on the patent bid: http://twitter.com/#!/fxshaw/status/...691776/photo/1
So many problems with Google's post. Lots of claims but little fact to back them up: 1. "...waged through bogus patents". A patent shown to be bogus can be challenged by submitting prior art to the PTO. 2. "banding together to acquire ... old patents... to make sure Google didn’t get them". In a free market economy, Google is free to acquire the same patents. In fact, they did try. However, they failed. Surely Google's attempt at acquiring the same patents makes this...
Thanks for this info.
Nice! I want one. Love that they kept FW800!
Translation: By the time we have a viable tablet strategy, the market will have moved on.
Hey, great article. Very interesting read!
If true, I wonder what the engineering hurdles are for adding an SD card slot...
Insight from the higher ed community: http://maclearning.org/kwolf/blog/63/
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