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...because running 4.2.1 gold master causes my iPad to lose 100% power overnight with nothing running.
Let's all just say Brazillionaire.
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Not true. You just have to get used to file locations. All the mechanics are the same and the tool set at your disposal make administering a OS X box *much* like Linux or other UN*X flavors.What drove me nuts about Apple was their complete lack of support for OS X in the datacenter. They just didn't get supporting the enterprise. Mac OS X was up to the task; XServe was up to the task. Apple as a company was not.I always felt like OS X Server was Apple's original hobby. And...
Too funny. I can edit a config file in vi faster than you could locate it in your GUI. Folks who make their coin administering heavy iron understand that CL trumps GUI all day, every day. Your assertion that you could build a GUI to supplant the CL shows your lack of experience administering servers, friend.
Other than the horrendous disk access speed, no hardware raid, no redundant power supplies, single NIC, and no admin port -- other than that -- yeah, they're just like the servers we use.
*That* would be a great move, IMHO. Apple’s never really been able to address the enterprise need (even though XServe was a good product) — they never really understood the needs of data center and system administrator. Sun, however, does. (BTW, I worked for years as a senior Solaris system admin and assistant data center manager) License MAc OS X server to a company that gets IT.
You obviously don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
...what happens when Windows 7 mobile eats into Android's market share leaving Apple's untouched, and Apple launches with multiple carriers in the US. I think OHA will be an interesting thing to watch, from the perspective of what competition will do to price, what price will do to quality, and what quality will do to churn. Meanwhile, Apple can continue to differentiate, command a premium, and add new carriers when they want.
The reviewer criticizes the media browser as an example of MS's non-standard use of interface elements, complaining that it's "busier". Well, yeah, it's busier because it provides (by necessity) far more functionality than Apple's standard browser. Additionally, I appreciate the slider for resizing thumbnails.
New Posts  All Forums: