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Logically inaccurate. The change ensures that new purchasers will not have any version of Flash.
So, I'm an outlier in every sense, according to this guy. I'm new to AT&T, came specifically for iPhone, and signed up for a family phone (two iphones and a kid phone). And yeah, I anticipate jumping ship as soon as there's an alternative.
I'm curious how much you pay for milk, in pounds? A pound of hamburger? A can of Coke in a typical vending machine?
I've had the exact opposite experience. V5 has been the best performing version for me, and I've been using since inception. Looking forward to six. I took advantage of the buy 5 at amazon for $40, get a $20 discount, and free upgrade to six option instead of paying the $40 upgrade. Also discovered that if I use one of my many v3 license keys, I get another $20 discount, meaning I upgraded to v6 for free (and got a printed manual in the deal). Not too shabby.
How can security be expected to verify who owns a given airplane?
Kind of strange to be trolling for trolls, isn't it?
I'd say it depends on your intended use...
Great. That's gonna make web development hard.
...would be a Finder that supports merging folders, instead of just replacing the folders. It's unthinkable that a modern OS would create a situation where a user can copy an empty folder on top of one with thousands of files and with the click of a button delete the entire folder and its contents, irretrievably. And never once ask if you want to merge the contents. Oh, BTW, I'm growing weary of the ridiculous levels of hype Apple is throwing out there. Magical and...
Could be that Jobs and company are setting up Microsoft. You know how they copy *everything* Apple.
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