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Uhhh, I've been in media production for web since there was a popular web and if anything I'm seeing Apple grow in market- and mind-share in the media production world.
...on the antenna issue, you gotta call this for what it is: Political grandstanding. I'm so tired of politicians.
I have to admit, though, I'm pretty surprised that the antenna "issue", no matter how impactful, slipped through product testing. Given that reception is one of the primary concerns of 3G/3GS owners (warranted or not, whether AT&T's fault or design), I expected Apple would have that aspect sewn up.
And then he said: "Yeah. We put in our B team to trick 'em. Yeah. Make 'em overconfident. This way, we can sneak up on 'em, and beat 'em. We're tricky like that, see?"
Microsoft is *literally* defining The New Dictionary Of Product Failures. *Vista is the new term for a serious stumble. Dude, be careful. You don't wanna Vista this project. *Kin is the new term for major fvckup. OMFG! This is one unmitigated Kin.
Did you look at the bluetooth keyboard? Or the web site? Or the box it came in? Or ask? Really, I'm really not sure what the points are that you're trying to make.
Unless he was chanting that he wanted that antenna at his location. You shouldn't assume, because assumptions make and ass out of u and me. Everybody learns that eventually.
Big Rabbit Ears for iPhone Big screen Apple TV
...It would be news if he *did* agree.
I'm not flaming you, but I am curious if you have first hand experience with the iPhone 4. Cuz if you don't, that would make you and inverse fanboi, just the sort of person who spouts off without any real knowledge of the topic.
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