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I was hoping mini would make it in to Jobs' keynote. Something "magical".
Many people did.
...Ballmer stay employed?
1. Buy El Gato 2. Integrate their cable/OTA hardware into Mac Mini Media Server w/HDMI 3. Upgrade Apple TV to 1080p, bigger on-board storage, enhanced Front Row
An amazing leak.
I call fake.
Microsoft's graphic designers are third-rate. What is up with those nasty icons?
OMG, that camera connection kit is the dumbest thing I've seen Apple do yet. Seriously, I need another adapter in my desk drawer like I need a hole in my head. Come on Steve, didn't you think an SD card slot would be appropriate? I'll let you in on a secret Steve: I'd pay $29 more for an iPad that *didn't* make me but another damn adapter. It absolutely *ruins* the elegance of the product.
Yeah, QuickTime X is definitely a half-baked idea that wasn't (and still isn't) ready for prime time.
...when people familiar with matters are "stern". I don't mind it so much when they're firm. As for using the term "dodeca-core" in an article, I gotta say that's bad journalism.
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