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Sony failed on this. Thy have to develop a smaller lens to fit on a iPhone. This one is to bulky.
Dont mind seeing Coca-Cola hacked. The faster they take this multi-conglomerate down the happier I will be, but for Apple and Facebook then all the power to them to take down Unit 61398.
What would be nice to see if Apple incorporated a firewall into the router.
I still would rather have a iPhone that is fairly resilient to malware attacks compared to the Android system which as I we all know is just as hackable as Windows 95 was when it first came out and you are constantly seeing exploits that hack the system even further. People are really taking a big risk with anything that has to do with the Android system, from banking to their personal information.
I keep reading this statement on different sites but with all things Apple, if their not padding their bottom line with the release it probably won't survive.
I use SkyDrive on a Mac and very limited on a iPad. I would rather use a html interface than the app since it quite simply better than the app.
The only problem is that Samsung has'nt grown up and is still wearing diapers and sucking it's mothers tit.
Mountain Lion is much better than Lion and compares very close to Leopard, but Apple has to start realizing that some of the features that it does put in Mountain Lion needs a switch that you can turn them off indefinitely since some of them are just a waste of space since not everyone is going mobile that they assume or they improve on them to the point where they work between OSX and iOS 6 transparently.
Small is not always better, even in this day and age where electronics for the cellular crowd are.
I don't own a iPhone or anything close to a smartphone, but the gum flapping that Samsung has been doing in recent days tells me that they are sore losers and if I ever do have the inclination to buy a smartphone, Samsung has lost my business even before they had it. This goes for anything made by Samsung.
New Posts  All Forums: