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Apple, like any tech company, experiment with all kinds of ideas. Piper jaffray consistently throws obvious headlines out into the blogosphere time and time again as if they somehow have inside information. What a joke.
I use the dashboard A LOT.  I'd also hate to see Apple get rid of it.
 Kidding me right? Everyone will be disappointed, the internet flooded with hate filled rants and doom n gloom. This is how it goes when Apple announce anything, let alone a brand new product. No matter what Apple announce, no matter how great, or how bad, internet forums are going to be an ugly place to be around this week.
Who cares. And shame on the media to harp on about things like this. The only way we'll move past social issues like homophobia and racism, is to well, stop making a thing about it at every damn chance we get.
These are real people, with real jobs and real passion. So it's never nice to hear about these stories, especially knowing how much that design team would have put into a project like Beats.    That said, it's great news in the fact that Apple will have their own vision on whatever the future of Beats holds -- not the cheap, easily dated look of Beats current products. 
Well all this is speculation that Apple are making a "watch" and will again invigorate an existing industry/category. Though I'm certain Apple will not mention the word "watch" at all. It also will not be solely about notifications or doing stuff that your phone already does. Currently all smart watches offer nothing new that a smart phone already does. The questions aren't, what will the interface be? What will the design be? How will I reply to a message?...
You start to feel like a crazy fanboy trying to defend this stuff.... this non stop hate and hyperbole thrown Apple's way. It's unrelenting. What is going on? Who is behind all this? A simple (albiet very successful) company that makes phones and computers receives so much riducule it's as if they are doing something terribly wrong in the eyes of these editors and hoard of geeks on the forums. I guess in some respects, they were the same in the 90's with hating on the...
People here rant on about the colour of icons or the rumors of different screen sizes on the iPhone.... little things that kick up a fanboy storm.   But THIS news is actually the important stuff and it's sad to see Apple drop the ball. The amount of time people spend in their cars (in certain cities) is something very significant, and having android-friendly google-designed-UI cars take over the market is worriesome. Phone connectivity, imo, is the next big push of...
Why 4k for the home? You can't see the pixels on a 1080p HD television when sitting on the couch, 4k is complete overkill.   Also most content is shot in HD, not 4k, even when using hi-end camera's like the Alexa. The file management / data size of shooting and editing in 4k is still a massive burden to post houses as well. Sure this will quickly change as the industry shifts yet again, but worth noting.   It seems 4k is a convenient way for manufacturers to push...
I've been using a four year old macbook for intensive Final Cut and Logic work - it's held up absolutely fine. You actually don't need that much of a beast to do video work. 
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