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To be fair...I found that image on Engadget, I didn't have anything to do with creating it.  
Not mentioned here is the fact that there are many sites and apps dedicated to tracking price drops. The additional attention these apps receive has to be a contributing factor. I get a daily e-mail on app price drops to watch for apps that change to free, but I do find myself once in awhile purchasing an app that comes up as a price drop because I am now aware of its existence.
Why would they do that? Just fork off Android and you already have a more robust OS to start with and on top of that one that you've already spent time adding additional elements to. Plus you still could tap into the app market that Android has rather than taking a risk and hoping that the market for RIM doesn't sink.
  How, 70k is not nearly as robust of a market as the App Store or Google Play Store offer. I wouldn't call that hyperbole at all, in fact I think it is a perfect explanation of how distant the gap is in the markets.
Why would you pay money to RIM instead of getting Android for free?
Dang, looks like my prediction of a heavier, thicker fifth generation iPad is going to turn out wrong.   I'm still holding out hope my prediction of a worse screen resolution on the iPad Mini is correct.
Exactly...I was surprised at how low it was, especially when you factor in it is heavily incentive based (unclear obviously how difficult the incentives are to reach). I'm not great with how to value stock options nor do I know what the standard is, but I would guess that Cook is being paid very reasonably for his work.   People always get on CEOs for being paid the most, but ultimately they are the ones that take the heat when things go wrong and I think it is bad to...
  I don't know...do you really want to have to look one place to decide if you are going to go to your phone? I'd think that in most situations (maybe not driving) it'd be easier to just look at the phone and be done with it. I answer 99% of my calls so seeing who is calling isn't important to me though.
It looks like it has a 1999 display with 2009 technology in the background. No Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: