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That's what ATT has been claiming.
Wasn't there supposed to be support for loyalty programs built into iOS 9?
Why? I've dumped my wallet. I never carried bills in my wallet, just cards, and now I use an iPhone case with a slot for 3 cards in the back. I don't need a big rectangle digging into my butt simply so that I can carry a piece of plastic that you seem to romanticize. In the past we carried big cases with all the brochures and samples in them when you visited clients or files full of invoices and spreadsheets. Rather than holding on to the past, I like t carry that...
So does your 5cm piece of plastic take phone calls or allow you to text? ;=p I carry my phone everywhere as a communication device. I will be glad that I don't have to carry an additional piece of plastic with me as well.
Well ATT - too late for me. After about 15 years as an ATT subscriber (started with Cingular) I finally gave up on expensive bills and crappy service at my home in the middle of West LA (the microcell that ATT gave to me became more and more unreliable as time went along) I switched to T-Mobile for half the cost, more data, and a fully implemented WiFi calling setup when the latest iPhone 6s & 6s+ shipped a couple of weeks ago.   Currently pretty happy with T-Mobile,...
I am considering charging while on a mat. I sit at a desk all day long and it would be great to be able to just drop the phone down on the pad continuously topping up, but still in reach to pick up and take a call.
I guess it is fine for a time piece, but as an information delivery device, it looks pretty primitive.   https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/ZtBQwQZSP6gkG0uH96Rs/convert?h=450&w=450
Wimp  Actually, I am not sure that they want to update the AppleWatch that often considering it is a luxury item that (some) people are paying a huge amount of money for. If you think of it as being jewelry, it needs to be more stable than other devices. Besides, I am not sure how much innovation you could have in the Apple Watch to justify yearly updates.
So the end of the pen is as precise as your finger? Seems to me they would be pretty much the same size. Then again, if you want real precision, wouldn't you prefer to use the pen tip and enable it with multitouch from the other hand?
We are talking about a multitouch screen here. Wouldn't a simpler solution be to use a multitouch gesture with the non-writing hand to erase? Or use your left hand on a button and erase with the tip? If the iPad Pro can discriminate between the Pen and fingers it would seem more practical to use combinations than flip the pen over.
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