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Interestingly, the Nokia keyboard is a $149 add-on although I guess that now they released the ad they have decided to give it away with the purchase of a 2520. My Logitech Ultimate Keyboard case is only $99 and I would guess provides the same functionality. Best of all though, when I want to travel light, I can dump the keyboard and still have a very capable tablet. Is Nokia's message that to be productive you have to carry the keyboard? That has to add extra weight to...
digiclip and edslunch, if they haven't hit enter yet, why does the value show up in the pie chart? Maybe the pie chart is anticipating the value that would be entered?
I think it's important to remember a few factors here:  1. This is a survey of people who have already bought the product.  2. Android buyers tend to be techies who have already done a lot of research and know exactly what they are buying. iPad buyers may be techie, but they can just as easily be someone with little technical knowledge. Buyers that have researched and know what they are buying are probably going to be more satisfied than someone who only has a general idea...
Don't forget that survey results are all based upon the questions that are asked. If JD Power asks "would you be more satisfied paying $200 for a tablet or $400" as a separate question without taking into account any other factors that would obviously skew the results towards the Samsungs that are at that price point. I don't think that many people are going to say they want to spend more money.
OK, upgraded my iPhone 5 and the iPad mini is rebooting. I need the JBs for my iPad3 since I use a BT keyboard and mouse. Think it's time for a cleaning of my ios devices, so I'll add apps as I need them instead of restoring a backup. Only problem is that I was only updating apps directly on the iOS devices ... wonder how slow the app server is going to be to upgrade them all in iTunes.
I'm not surprised - DaftPunk is stealing a lot from the Disco era ... and after all, on Random Access Memories they do have a tribute song to Giorgio Moroder ...
Too bad. I am an ex-pat living in LA and I am currently listening to Marc Jordan Radio! ;-)
For people with multiple machines, I suggest going to the iTunes webpage and downloading iTunes there. That way you can use the dmg on all your machines without having to reaccess the servers. iOS7 downloading, but very slow. Saying 23 mins to go now and I started at least 5 mins ago.
Downloading ios7 now.
iTunes 11.1 downloaded, but no iOS7 yet. Keep hitting check for update in iTunes but not only getting 6.1.4 for iPhone and 6.1.3 for ipad
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