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It is much easier to break, destroy, and criticize than to build, teach, and support ... which is an illustration of why this type of thinking is killing the country.
I am not sure why Apple is taking all the heat for this. The other partner in this deal was Pearson, the humungous global educational software company that was supposed to supply the books, software, and I assume, the training to teachers. lt has also been minimized that Deasy's lieutenant in this project was a former Pearson executive.   A large part of the failure was Pearson's inability to figure out the Apple eco-system ... being a UK/PC based company with little...
A couple of minutes to call in AND 3 days to a week to get a replacement card which you then have to re-register before using. From your previous posts, I take it that you carry a wallet full of cards, so not having a card for a few days may be trivial to you, but not so much for others. Then again, your nonchalant attitude is one of the reasons that credit card fraud is increasing every year. The cost may be transparent to you, but it isn't to the credit card providers or...
Well, it's not like there is anything else going on in the courts ...  If this was a criminal case, would it even make it past a Grand Jury?
Professional class action law suit "ambulance chasers"? https://www.verizonthirdpartybillingsettlement.com/(S(vwnekdhhnqcpn203viq2gkt0))/Group2/FAQ.aspx
The question many people are asking is why GTAT is fighting this whole action so strongly? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they are a major company that Motley Fool has been promoting since the deal was signed, http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/markets/2013/11/10/meet-the-newest-apple-supplier-play/3478053/   Even now, just go over to the Motley Fool site - they are doing everything they can to prop up the stock and hoodwink other investors...
It's important to note that it's not just about the fingerprint scanning. It's also about the secure chip to provide the tokenization. It's also about the operating system integrating all the technology to make it easy to use and difficult to hack. One of the best things about TouchID is that Apple controls every part of the system - part of the reason they bought Authentec instead of licensing the technology - that way they can customize the technology to work as part of...
Apple is willing to provide equipment at reduced prices or for free, but rarely if ever actually pay for product placement. I also don't think that they are a stickler for forcing people to show their logos since they don't actually pay for screen time. oth, other companies not only provide equipment, but also pay for their product placement, so they expect their logos to be shown.
And if you looked around, you would see that the paparazzi media is looking for every bit of scandal they can find and/or manufacture. As much as Tim Cook wanted to keep his private life private (and that is exactly what he said in his interview), as the CEO of one of the biggest global companies (and especially as a bachelor), he has no choice - there is always someone looking to make a person of Cook's distinction private life public.
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