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But Apple has shown no interest in opening a financial services arm ... that is why they partnered in the U.S. where it would be easiest to setup.
I think you are going to be waiting a long time. Pretty sure that some of the Pencil support is built into the screen - hence no support for legacy devices.
Sorry, meant the Apple Watch ... it was easier to type on my iPad.
With no way to downgrade, Apple has to make sure the release is as bulletproof as possible. I don't mind waiting ... IWatch has surpassed my expectations for stability even at a V1.
I'm impressed. I had to put the iPad into DFU to remove the iOS 9.1 beta, and proceeded to load the iOS 9 release. I expected to have to do a restore, but after the update, the iPad Air came up with all applications still on the device and ready to go. Best news ... even the latest version of the TiVo app works and allows for remote streaming! (I've been using an older version with the beta.)
Downloaded on iTunes and updated my iPhone 5s. NP, went fast ... down for about 10-15 mins, then powered up with no issues. Got a lot of app updates though.   Now I have to wipe the 9.1Beta off of my iPad Air 1 before I can download the release iOS 9.
 btw, this is probably why MS is now willing to show up at a Mac event and tout their products ... when iOS devices are outselling Windows PC hardware, they are going to have to pivot to have people buy their software.http://************/2015/07/21/ios-sales-outpace-windows-sales/
 Windows marketshare? On a software OS system that is being given away free by a software company? How much money do you actually think MS made on Win10? The reason they are getting marketshare is because they are providing free updates from the long in the tooth Win7 and the Win8 that no one likes. People are taking the free upgrade in the hopes that it solves the issues with how bloated the MS operating system has come. When Apple "gives away" their software update, it...
Except that this is an American-only deal underwritten by an American bank ... not a possibility in emerging markets.
In the past when I have done (we are on a family plan and just use the contract terminated line for the upgrade), the sales people at the Apple Store were willing to do the SIM switch themselves - either physically or electronically.
New Posts  All Forums: