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And there is a lot more to this story. The woman was not driving, she was in the passenger seat. She spilled the coffee just taking the lid off to add milk and sugar. The coffee was hot enough that her clothes adhered to her body. Originally, she was only trying to get McDonalds to help out by paying her medical bills, but they refused to do so offering only $800. Prior to the lawsuit, they tried to settle again, primarily to pay for the medical bills, but McDonalds...
Gotta make money to pay out that dividend!
So tell me, how does that 16:9 work for reading magazines, ... or editing word documents or spreadsheets? Or maybe it's just that Android- fanz do nothing but watch videos on their devices (most likely pirated ones) ....
I was a little disappointed to hear about WalMart getting a jump by selling last night at midnight and the 8:00 AM lines when my delivery date just said before 3:00 PM. However, even though FedEx usually doesn't come by until the afternoon, I was excited to see that they brought my new iPad to my house before 10:00 AM (PST). I swapped out the SIM with my current SIM since I am still grandfathered under the unlimited plan (plus, I can keep a fresh SIM for when I sell to...
Is it expediency or budgetary? Apple had a slotted release date. Newer components are going to be more expensive, as well as more difficult to resource. Apple most likely went with components that fit the build cost and could be reliably sourced. Sure in a year when Apple does the refresh, they can go to more efficient devices, but even a company with short development times like Apple is not going to risk a shortage of build parts.
The Apple Store is back online. Got my order in - I already sold my iPad 2 on ebay so I am going to anxiously be waiting for March 16th! iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G LTE for AT&T 64GB - Black (3rd generation) Part number: MD368LL/A Purchased with the new Applecare option including 2 accidental incidents. btw, no store pickup, shipping only for arrival March 16th.
Available March 16th
Macobserver feed is working well too http://liveblog.macobserver.com
Report from the web, http://www.valuewalk.com/2012/03/ipa.../#.T1eXOVE2Gs0
I can only hope that the Fedex tracking system is all screwed up after the earthquake. Ordered at 1:00 AM on the dot, but my CC company flagged it as a suspicious transaction and I didn't correct it until 9:00 AM. Mine still says it is sitting in HK, and i am flying out on a 2 week business trip tonight. Hoping it arrives today so I can carry it with me.
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