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I suspect that Apple won't begin shipments until Monday, under the assumption that some people will buy them at a B&M sometime over the weekend and cancel their online orders.
Why do thousands of people stand outside in freezing temperatures to watch a crystal ball fall every year? It's a social event. It's a gathering of like minded people. And considering that online orders are quoting 2 to 3 week delivery, it may be the only place to get it quickly. At least it's more useful than any Elmo product ... ;-)
So, how does that explain the crashes and slowdowns on the Windows machine that my company forces me to use?
I think that you are all missing an important point here - the Apple Store is licensed to do business in all 50 states of the USA. In many cases, community standards have resulted in litigation and lawsuits for companies selling into those communities. With a company the size and profile of Apple, the likelihood that some publicity seeking judge or prosecutor in some backwoods county would try to make an example of Apple and Jobs is pretty high. I think that Apple's...
Hmm, I guess that you AND PC world missed the part where the hackers worked for TWO WEEKS prior to the contest to figure out how to hack the iPhone ...
The obscurity myth continues because people somehow think that hackers will only attack the largest base of computers. This mentality equates to the car parts industry - obviously, people will only steal the most common cars because they fill the largest segment and won't even try to steal BMWs because of their small market share. It's not about percentages - there are enough Macs out there in the wild to make it worthwhile for SOME hacker to try to attack the platform...
The iPhone has changed the way that people browse the web. They actually do it all the time on their iPhones that already don't run Flash. So tell me, if you are going to a media publisher that already disregards over 42 million eyeballs on the web, do you really worry about their ability to stop the success of iPads simply because they won't play flash?
Actually, part of the issue is most likely telecommunication regulations. That is part of the reason that the 3G version is running later, because the FCC approval for a 3G device is longer than the one for a WiFi device. As far as other countries, I can't blame Apple for focusing on the FCC before moving on to the telecom regulators in other countries.
Considering that only the 3G models also have GPS, I would suspect that the iPad 3Gs are using the Infineon chipset for 3G & GPS.http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...in_detail.html
There are ultra-portable notebooks with 10 hours of battery life? When I look at http://www.pcworld.com/article/123867-1/article.html most of the portables are listed between 4 and 6 hours just playing back video. Not sure how much usable time that actually calculates out to when you are actually working, but based on the iPod battery life, I would suspect that the MBA would probably outlast most of them. My point about the "extra" battery was that in real usable time, it...
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