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This article and thread explains exactly why Blackberries survived for so long (and the form factor looks to be returning!)   People here need to stop making the blanket statement that it was a mistake. It was a mistake for the individual, but sales are showing that it was hardly a mistake for Apple.   fwiw, I have small hands and I never thought that I would go to a phablet, but I bought a 6+ for the other functionality I found more important than 1 handed use. I am...
 If retailers are already complaining about needing to implement new more expensive hardware, how much more will it cost if the NFC station has to charge the card, " A battery will not be needed in future versions of the Zwipe MasterCard because it will havest energy from the payment terminals."
And the other point is that all applications are supposed to be sandboxed, but many developer broke the rules to allow for better inter application sharing, especially in earlier versions of iOS that had more stringent control for the use of "Open In". I'll bet that many of these old "indispensable" apps are exactly so because the developers could not find ways to get the apps to work properly as Apple advanced the OS to support new functionality. In this case the apps may...
You just don't get it ... at a low level, the OS has to know about all those apps that are loaded, whether or not they are running. If it doesn't have any interaction at all with those apps, it can't launch them. And those types of low level code are EXACTLY what cause issues like random reboots. In the end, the issue will be resolved because somewhere in the data dumps there will be information of those incompatibilities and Apple will patch them. But with the gajillion...
I have to think that all of this Yosemite/iOS/phone sharing is a large reason for all of these WiFi and Bluetooth issues. Interconnecting all of the devices over wireless in the background is still not fully fleshed out imo.
Interesting that you bring up Jobs 100% devotion to Apple and then talk about Africa. Didn't Steve Jobs help to drive the Red campaign? With 100% of its money going to AIDs assistance in Africa? Didn't that divert his interest from Apple? Or how about becoming the CEO of Pixar? I guess that spending an interview speaking about your lifestyle occupies so much more time than actually running a 2nd company. And what about this...
Why would it work with any other terminal - CurrentC has already said that it is protecting its consortium. It has already said that it expects exclusivity from its partners. Any other company wanting to implement CurrentC is going to have to dump any other contactless system they already have implemented.
Actually, it's 99 cents and free Amazon Prime for a year ... they are hoping that offering Prime will lock in users for a 2nd year at full price since the Fire is primarily an Amazon consumption and purchasing device, so you could say they expect the final price to be 99.99 ... and that is on a contract that locks you in with a cell provider for 2 years, otherwise you are paying $499 for the phone.
Apps are quit, but their preferences remain. And those have to be managed at a system level or the OS won't have anything to load. How do you know those preference files aren't corrupting the operating system? The fact is that you can't just load 700 apps and not expect the OS to have absolutely no knowledge or interaction with the apps, otherwise they would just be non-executable data.
You mean to say that your iPhone 5s running ios7 never had any issues, right? Or did you run iOS 8 on your iPhone 5s as well?
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