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More specifically, Apple Music. Buying phones with less memory is an option for T-Mobile plans where music streaming is unlimited as part of the package.
I don't see that 3D touch is an integral part of the experience, as much as it is an extension. So those people with cracked screens should still have basic capability as exists now, but won't have the expanded 3D Touch experience.
I remember a lot of early Jobs demos where he indicated that his issue was having to reach for a stylus to be able to interact with the screen. It's important to remember that Apple had already gone through this once already before the iPhones when they released one of the original PDAs with a stylus ... the Newton.
Do you think that maybe the limited number of countries for release is possibly to avoid copyright infringement issues? Not trying to troll, this is a serious question.
Someone was noting the disappointment that Apple had not moved to a USB-C connector ... this for me is one of the reasons. I think it would have been cool to be able to use the iPad Pro with a stylus as an input (and extended display) device for a Mac desktop or laptop. 
I don't know ... picking up my phone choosing a web browser and using pinching and zooming then clicking seems like a simpler action than picking up my phone, searching around for where I put my stylus down, picking up the stylus and then using it to navigate, but then maybe that is just me ...
... and that will push them further away from the Android eco-system and further fragment that market. Only a matter of time before Samsung has to open their own store to provide apps for all their customizations ... ones that will make system upgrades even more impossible than current status. But hey, at least it gets people to buy new hardware every release ...
Actually, to be factually correct, the first patent includes a thin flexible display which Apple never implemented. The 2nd patent is much closer with the folding arrangement mentioned, but it also supposedly includes some sort of touchpad, which is not implemented on the current keyboard. So the truth is that neither the original SmartCover or the new iPad Pro keyboard really is described in the patents ... some elements are, but they are not the exclusive features that...
And while MS designed the interface, they did not design any hardware. They didn't necessarily have a good concept of tablet computing, all they were doing was enabling pen support on their operating system (and I know because I went through numerous attempts at using this "technology"). Once again, to me the issue is that a tablet is designed to be primarily a handheld device, which limits the use of a keyboard since once you add a physical keyboard, you have to use the...
The part that worries me is "If you don't have any carrier commitments ..." My issue is that I am planning to sell my current iPhone 6 Plus (still on contract) before I buy the iPhone 6S Plus, and am planning on using the iPhone Upgrade Program. I don't want to show up at the Apple Store and find out I have to add another phone to my plan while still carrying my current contract.
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