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Walmart is not stopping credit card use, they are just stopping electronic touch payments by credit card. You can still have them swipe the stripe.
I am sure that the consortium was setup specifically to make sure that it did not break any anti-trust laws. In my industry, the major players also formed a consortium and as long as it is run as a separate entity that has its own management, there is nothing for the DOJ or SEC to investigate. With the Walmart lawyers, I have no doubt they set it up properly.
No they don't unless you sign for each transaction, in which case it is treated as a credit transaction to the merchant. If you are just using your pin, you aren't guaranteed those same protections, http://usa.visa.com/personal/personal-cards/debit-cards/faq.jsp#anchor_2
Nope, that's the wrong attitude. Writing checks gives them the best rate for processing transactions. If you want to hurt them, pay with a credit card every time and make them pay an extra 2-3% in operating costs.
I think that Continuity is going to end up being a game changing feature. It is one of the big reasons that I was excited about the iOS 8 / Yosemite combination. Being able to pick up and place texts and calls on your desktop instead of reaching for your phone is something that I have been waiting for a while - separate devices but convergence. Handoff has been pretty cool as well, since I am able to pick up a device and go straight to pages that I have been browsing on...
Check again today ... US Bank is now supporting ApplePay. I just added a card today.
1 year free of Amazon Prime and 2 years for the phone contract ... after your Amazon Prime expires, you still have to pay your phone contract, and then pay for another year of Prime if you want to keep watching, listening, buying, and consuming.
I think that the point of MCX is that it will act as a direct debit transaction, not as a credit transaction. If you plan to use MCX, when you register your card, it will register as a debit card, not a credit card, otherwise the retailer will be paying for a more expensive credit transaction.
As someone who has jailbroken his iPad to get extra functionality, I have been looking forward to the iPad Pro or iPad Plus or whatever they plan to call the enlarged tablet. As a matter of fact, rather than upgrading my iPad Air to a 2, I elected to wait to for the larger form factor that I think is inevitable. On my jailbroken device, I ran a mouse and OS X Experience, a windows manager. Even with the limited integration, I found both to be very useful. I use the iPad...
This article and thread explains exactly why Blackberries survived for so long (and the form factor looks to be returning!)   People here need to stop making the blanket statement that it was a mistake. It was a mistake for the individual, but sales are showing that it was hardly a mistake for Apple.   fwiw, I have small hands and I never thought that I would go to a phablet, but I bought a 6+ for the other functionality I found more important than 1 handed use. I am...
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