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I am not sure what you think is happening, but I don't think that the carriers are getting any great deals from Apple on the cost of the phone. The subsidy is being absorbed by the carriers to entice people to lock in for 2 years of service. I highly doubt that Apple is selling the phone to the carriers at the subsidy price.  Even if it is, there is no way that Apple is going to upset their carriers by selling the phone at a cheaper price than the carriers can. Even...
I don't quite understand here ... if it is an unlocked phone, why do I have to go into a store and activate. Does this mean that if I am currently on a phone plan, I can't use my current plan and have to start a new account?
Well, I was only following the link you posted, but in follow up research, it doesn't seem as though anyone is particularly impressed or is really using the Adobe applications ... Or maybe people aren't willing to lay out for a $500 subscription to try and use a handicapped version on the SP3.My point still remains that Apple had a vision for how this was going to be implemented and rolled it out along with the hardware. MS released the Surface products without any good...
That video talks about future product. The funny part is that this is what they delivered for the iPad Pro and demoed today. Is it running on a Surface yet?
I would think that if you are just moving your SIM from one phone to the other, ATT really doesn't care (or even have to know.) I have a grandfathered iPad plan and I have upgraded continually without any issues.
What Steve meant was that you didn't want an operating system that required a stylus to work. Maybe people forget that back in the early mobile device days (i.e.. Palm Pilots) the digitizers were so primitive, you had to use a stylus to get a point that the digitizer could recognize. On the iPad Pro, it is still operational with just a finger, but for more precision, a stylus is now an OPTION. That doesn't preclude the fact that without a stylus, you still have more than...
And for a lot of corporations now, the trend is to move documents up to the cloud - to make document sharing easier and to provide for backup security. Of course, this is probably more of a trend in Silicon Valley, but that is probably one of the reasons that Apple has never been particularly concerned with local storage.
You are probably right ... the warranty is mostly only if you intend to keep the phone for more than a year. oth, AppleCare only provides 90 days of support, so you are getting factory tech support for the whole year.
Hopefully that increases the resale value of my current iPhone 6 Plus as I upgrade to the newer model.
Actually, as someone who uses a stylus on an iPad, I was definitely looking and I thought there was one shot where the operator was resting his hand on the screen. Considering that current BT styluses offer palm rejection, I have to think that Apple has some version of it as well.
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