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Is this a discussion of the keyboard port? Because as someone who has docked both an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad into a clock radio, the Lightning connector is not reliable when it has to support a lot of weight, and with a standup screen, all the pressure would be working against the connector.
Actually, from what I understood in the Keynote, the keys are the same butterfly mechanism that are being used on the MacBook. The only difference would be the fully covered cloth (?) keyboard as opposed to individual plastic keys.
... and no stylus ...
And yet with the Surface Pro, MS couldn't get Adobe to revamp their whole line of applications to support the new stylus features offering very little incentive to use their stylus. As a matter of fact, they didn't even have their own software team investigate ways to better integrate the tablet experience for Office unlike the Mac Office team. MS beat Apple in hardware and didn't bother to provide decent tools for them. It's like designing a new hammer to drive in the...
I think one may be carrier-subsidized whereas the other is Apple upgrade program backed by Citizen's Bank?
This isn't much different from a carrier subsidized model. If you break (as opposed to damage covered under an AppleCare plan) the carrier doesn't change the terms of your contract and you still need to purchase another phone to use.
I know plenty of companies that use developer accounts and test flight to deploy custom apps. Still not sure what you are trying to install. It's like saying that you can't install a lot of Windows apps on Macs. There are also browsing apps that present themselves as full/non-mobile browsers and there is even a way to have Safari load the non-mobile web page (in case you weren't keeping up, this was implemented in iOS...
Really? Every company that I have been at pass out individual laptops to employees (we are talking about portable devices here.) IT does have a root account, but the iOS eco-system takes care of that by having deployment software. I really haven't seen multiple employees using the same laptops.
I wonder if the pen is actually thicker than the iPad Pro. Besides, it is wasted space in the chassis. I have to think the pen ships with a regular USB charger and the plug into the iPad is for quick emergency situations only.
Not sure why multiple accounts are important. Do people really share their tablets? I rarely even anyone sharing laptops ... and I am not one of those people that is going to share my highend, $1000+ tablet with my kids ... that is what the low-end iPad Mini is for.
New Posts  All Forums: