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OK, go ahead and spend your $479 on an Oppo Finder, I'll spend $10 and go to the hardware store to buy a real hammer with better build quality for hammering nails ... ;p
Of course, you neglect to mention that the additional components added to make a battery removable and replaceable also affect battery performance in the device. So you need to carry a battery because the circuitry reduces the run time ...
Umm, can we see the out-takes when people said " wtf, it's the same phone ..."Oh, yeah, it's TV, just like those Samsung ads that make fun of people who are willing to lineup to get the product that they really want ...
Tell me, did you unwrap the BMW yourself and meticulously examine the car before your dealer handed you the keys? Every car dealer employs a staff that inspects and buffs out any imperfections prior to any customer seeing the car.Besides, almost every car that I have bought came along with a little bottle of touch up paint ... In case I came across any imperfections.
Look, I don't think that it is wrong that people want a perfect product, but let's look at the number of nits that shipped, apply acceptable manufacturing/QA tolerances and then figure out how rampant this issue is. Are we seeing a thousand units with nicks? 10,000? 50,000? What is the percentage. In my mind, Apple can't win here. They sell out their first shipment and people complain about not getting delivery for two weeks after release, but then again, when a few...
Well, I went by the Apple Store. No cases, no adapters. Has anyone gotten any accessories for their iPhone 5?
Don't forget that to support HDMI out, you will need to support authentication. You can put it in a dongle on the cable, or you can build it into the device. Longterm, the cost of cables is cheaper and the cables are more compact if you build it into the device. Has anyone seen a micro-USB to HDMI out cable that works for Android devices? I think that most of the solutions that I have seen include using a mini-HDMI.
At launch, I am not sure why everyone expects the cables to be cheap. Even now, i'll bet if you buy the factory cable from most Android manufacturers, they are overpriced. Cheap cables come from the aftermarket ... as in after the product has been released and factories can figure out how to build cables ...
OK, so I have my iPhone 5 in my hands after UPS dropped it off. What's next?   Need a case and the Lightning adapter. Did anyone get either of those? Any suggestions of where to find them? I went to the online Apple Store, but didn't see any new cases. About ready to head over to local Apple Store and hoping there is no line.
You mean as opposed to Android users who have spent $5.9 Billion on NEW phones after throwing away the phone they bought 9 months ago that is now outdated?
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