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Thank you Motorola for your crowd sourcing submission. Your ad was accurate for about 36 hours.
Rosstheboss, I am trying to figure out how you are getting accurate map information from a mobile device when you don't have any type of data connection. Everytime I have used Google Maps it requires some sort of internet connection to pull up data.   oth, as I understand it, Apple has some sort of plan for offline maps in their mapping program in the future. For Google, that is not a great option since their business is all based on driving you to their websites.
Did you follow the link? It goes directly to a Google users forum with Galaxy S3 users complaining about the issue. There is no headline there ... it is the forum header for a Google support forum.
So can anyone guess why Google had to use Motorola to launch this attack rather than allowing Samsung to roll it into their attack ads?   Google Maps Navigation Mode not working on latest Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android Flagship Device)   http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/maps/IlJDfMkgl3U
Well, I certainly hope that you keep your geolocation down so that you don't have to start paying Google for your usage of their location data.   http://blog.programmableweb.com/2011/10/27/google-maps-usage-fees-how-many-developers-will-have-to-pay/   With Apple moving off of Google Maps though, I highly doubt you will hit those numbers, since Apple ios users are much heavier users of maps than Android users.
Actually, I have seen reports from some countries praising the accuracy of the ios maps to the Google maps. It all depends on whether OpenStreetMaps has done a good job of mapping the local area. Like it or not, Google is not the dominant map everywhere in the world.
Actually, the water is there. It's just not been colored blue, but you probably know that since you selectively zoomed to not even include the water in the iOS shot. Hopefully, Apple will learn to color the lake areas in blue so that you don't walk into the lakes when you are walking blindly forward with all of your attention directed at your maps program.   As far as the transit apps, I have seen an interesting thing ... Apple is using a lot of location information to...
Are you sure about that?   We are happy to incorporate your map content in Google's services at no cost to your organization, but we generally do not pay for the content types we welcome through Google's Map Content Partner programs. http://support.google.com/mapcontentpartners/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=143979   So in other words, once Google changed their policy to monetize their Maps by charging for access to large volume users, they were expecting to get paid for...
It's interesting, because I used the web on my laptop to Google the next street over in Brooklyn 315 E16th and sometimes I would get Manhattan, and sometimes I would get Brooklyn. Not sure how Google determines which location to use, but this is certainly an issue of cherry picking an extreme case.
I certainly hope that you use your 30 day refund period to return your phone and get an Android phone if mapping is such a high priority for you. Your continued complaining reminds me of a guy that hammers nails with a screw driver even though a hammer is in the toolbox next to him.
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