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Patriot Memory has already been selling a similar device (Gauntlet Node) for at least 6 months. I bought one and it is quite handy. The Patriot is a DIY box, so you pay for the enclosure and add your own drive - for me that was a little cheaper. Took a long road trip at Christmas time - loaded up the Gauntlet with tons of TV shows, movies, and music, and the kids connected with their iPhones and iPads and could each stream their own content in the car - was like in-seat...
I'm trying to figure out what to do here. I currently have a late 2010 MBA 13" top end model (4G/256/2.13 Core 2 Duo, an iPad3, and just got a mini-iPad. I am primarily using the mini-iPad and bought the Logitech Ultimate keyboard to use my iPad as a laptop replacement. However, I work for a major corporation that is stuck on Windows and uses AT& Global Network for remote access, making Mac-based access problematic (I use Parallels for remote access most of the...
Not sure what everyone sees in these phablets. Personally, I would prefer a phone the size of a nano that can be remoted into by an iPad Mini, using bluetooth for the voice portion. With Siri being able to handle address book and dialing, it gives me maximum flexibility (carry just a bitty phone when only expecting calls, tying into a bigger more usable tablet when i am more stationary.)
Seems like Apple isn't the only entity trying to get out from under Google's grasp, http://abcnews.go.com/technology/t/blogEntry?id=18048404
I don't want to hijack this thread but ...   Yesterday night, I got nailed with the humongous data overage charges on my new iPad mini ATT 3G. As best as I can quickly figure, overnight, I managed to churn through 6+GB of data. Looking through my logs, I was downloading about 19.5 MG every minute from about 10:30 pm last night until 7:00 am this morning when I began to get the text notifications.   Speaking to ATT, this issue is because When the iPad mini...
gazoobee, Yes, but China is a huge place, with a lot of people, and apparently ios Maps works better there than Google Maps. If I was a manufacturer and had to choose between Europe (or more specifically the UK where most problems have been reported) and China and US I think the answer would be clear.
I got my order into the Apple Store by 12:04, but I guess that since it was an AT&T model, I won't get it until next week ... ;-(
I am wondering if maybe you should be blaming your country's communication regulatory board who are taking too long to approve the cellular versions.   On the first day, Apple sold wifi units to all countries. If they were able to do so, I think they would like to ship LTE versions to all countries.
Thank you Motorola for your crowd sourcing submission. Your ad was accurate for about 36 hours.
Rosstheboss, I am trying to figure out how you are getting accurate map information from a mobile device when you don't have any type of data connection. Everytime I have used Google Maps it requires some sort of internet connection to pull up data.   oth, as I understand it, Apple has some sort of plan for offline maps in their mapping program in the future. For Google, that is not a great option since their business is all based on driving you to their websites.
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