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Actually, on anandtech they mentioned that it wasn't just an antenna, it is the full transmission path including a power amp and filters,   "What it really boils down to is that by using this single Tx chain, Apple is able to support a ton of LTE bands (more space for PAs and fewer transceiver ports used on SVLTE for CDMA networks) and also do it without making the iPhone very large. Moving to an architecture that works with SVDO and SVLTE would require an additional...
I ran with an iPad and an HTC Incredible provided by my company. I was able to integrate them without too many hassles, even using both Exchange and iCloud. I ended up going back to my iPhone, but that was more because I just didn't feel comfortable in the Android space, rather than any issues between the tablet and phone.
I got it. I think that I actually have used it. I just couldn't remember when posting.
Well, they are technically right ... they just didn't explain that since their Voice over LTE network isn't ready yet, you are stuck on CDMA until then.   Ben
Thanks. I knew that they added or were planning to add sometime soon. I am a long time user of Atomic Web that already had it built in from the start.
Except that South Korea & Japan are countries with some of the most extensive cell networks - making them a very attractive market.
Currently there is no private mode on mobile safari, although i think they may be including in ios6. A lot of people seemed to have success with the the Apple Store app as well.
A lot of Farmville, Tiny Tower & Words with Friends ... ;-)
In Safari, I went into Private mode. I am pretty sure that makes sure that you are reloading the page since there is not supposed to be a browser history stored. You could also go into your browser's preferences and delete cached pages and browser history.   I had the same issue - I went in about 5 minutes early and just kept hitting refresh. About 5 mins past midnight, I realized that I might be just reloading a cached page (from before the store turned on) and went into...
It's a market economy ... Apple sells out most every phone they make, why drop the price? Plus, it's not like Apple's competition is hugely undercutting Apple's sales price.   Heck, the iPhones are so popular, the prices are even high in the resale market ...
New Posts  All Forums: