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Downloading ios7 now.
iTunes 11.1 downloaded, but no iOS7 yet. Keep hitting check for update in iTunes but not only getting 6.1.4 for iPhone and 6.1.3 for ipad
Servers must be getting slammed. I saw the update on the iTunes page and tried downloading 3 or 4 times but got the 253 byte file. Then I saw the update in the app store and tried to download a few times, but it also failed. I finally went back to the iTunes websites and was able to download.   Installing now, then on to ios7.   btw, spent the whole morning backing up blobs just in case. I had stayed at 6.12 for jb, but apparently someone has a jb for 6.14 ready to go,...
I have the Sonhy Google TV, and there is nothing more frustrating than typing on the little remote for a TV across the room. If Blackberry is expecting to use their handset as a dumb remote for the TV and thinking that form factor can beat out a tablet with some sort of Airplay connection, they are headed even further down the path of irrelevance.
Since getting my iPad mini, I carry my iPhone a little less. Using a BT headset and the free Talkatone app, I can make decent calls for most of the calls I take on the move (I am probably texting as much or more than phone calls). Quality is okay, and if I didn't have a company phone, I would consider dumping my voice plan and just moving to the Talkatone subscription plan with better call quality.   I also agree with the comment about the iPad mini fitting in a purse. I...
Downloading the latest update (on Mac) for iWork and the notes say that it "adds support for iWork for iOS 1.7 apps." On the support page,   http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5534   What’s included: Pages 4.3, Numbers 2.3, and Keynote 5.3 are updated to support iWork for iOS 1.7 apps.
I have the iPad version. It works pretty well and seems to be built pretty well. Not sure how this is going to work with an iPad mini, since the iPad version is a little cramped as it is and the iPad mini isn't as tall.
Patriot Memory has already been selling a similar device (Gauntlet Node) for at least 6 months. I bought one and it is quite handy. The Patriot is a DIY box, so you pay for the enclosure and add your own drive - for me that was a little cheaper. Took a long road trip at Christmas time - loaded up the Gauntlet with tons of TV shows, movies, and music, and the kids connected with their iPhones and iPads and could each stream their own content in the car - was like in-seat...
I'm trying to figure out what to do here. I currently have a late 2010 MBA 13" top end model (4G/256/2.13 Core 2 Duo, an iPad3, and just got a mini-iPad. I am primarily using the mini-iPad and bought the Logitech Ultimate keyboard to use my iPad as a laptop replacement. However, I work for a major corporation that is stuck on Windows and uses AT& Global Network for remote access, making Mac-based access problematic (I use Parallels for remote access most of the...
Not sure what everyone sees in these phablets. Personally, I would prefer a phone the size of a nano that can be remoted into by an iPad Mini, using bluetooth for the voice portion. With Siri being able to handle address book and dialing, it gives me maximum flexibility (carry just a bitty phone when only expecting calls, tying into a bigger more usable tablet when i am more stationary.)
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