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Exactly ... and of course, while the victimized want to say that it will take too much time to actually determine if any particular app out of 700 can cause a problem, how about just scanning the app store to see if they are still compatible? Most amazing is the belief that if they were reloaded from a backup, obviously there will be no problem - not only do apps have to register somewhere within a database that they are on the device, but there are also possibilities of...
While CVS and RiteAid appear to be doing their best to run away from the issue. Just goes to show you what happens when you get into business with Walmart...
I think the new name is CurrentCracked 
I'll bet that Walmart didn't commit to anything ... they are the ones that are driving MCX forward. You have to take a look at the whole of WalMart's banking strategy - in the US, WalMart has had a tough time getting off the ground and have only had limited success with the Amex partnered BlueBird card and the upcoming GoBank offering, but globally, they already have established banks in Canada and Mexico. Guess who the payment network vendor for Mexico is? FIS Global...
I wonder if Walmart has it's consumers 'best interests in mind' when it reminds them that they are fat,    http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/28/living/walmart-costume-controversy/index.html   Then again, when you consider what they peddle to their customers, their clientele shouldn't be surprised.
btw, this whole situation was anticipated by the Guardian over a month ago. Read the last line of the article, http://www.theguardian.com/money/us-money-blog/2014/sep/25/walmart-banks-checking-accounts
Wonder how much MCX has to do with Walmart's strategy of getting into the banking industry. http://www.forbes.com/sites/samanthasharf/2014/09/24/wal-mart-jumps-deeper-into-banking-with-new-mobile-checking-account/   Walmart has built the new Roach Motel ... once your money goes into GoBank, it never comes out again.
What a bunch of crooks ... still trying to paint Apple as the villain, no doubt to prevent the stockholders from going after all the money they made selling the stock. "We would win, but we aren't willing to sacrifice the personal fortunes we made by selling stocks inflated when we signed the Apple deal."
 Nope, it is subsidized, because if you break your contract before the 2 year period, you have to pay out your contract not the cost difference of the phone.  For instance, with AT&T I paid $499 subsidized for my top line iPhone 6+ that sells unlocked for $949. The BYOB option is $25/month, but my subsidized cost is $40/month. A difference of $15/month. Multiply that by 24 and you get $360 which is less than the cost differential. oth, if I dumped my phone right after...
fwiw, in the US, the iPad contracts are generally month to month. If you decide you don't want data, you can simply have the carrier turn it off, then turn it on when you need it. The only issue is that you need to pay the going rate when you turn it on again. For me, I am still grandfathered under the original iPad unlimited data plan which is no longer available so I end up paying every month.
New Posts  All Forums: