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Interesting ad since apparently researchers have recently discovered a hole in PayPal's two-step authentication protocol ... you know, the problem that is supposedly the reason for the Apple breach? http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/06/26/a-rare-security-breach-at-paypal/ Apple has come out with a well publicized fix for their issue ... what has PayPal done?
Samsung customers who are used to walking into a store with no lines and and pick up phones on launch days ... ;-p
Keep at it. Took me awhile, but I got a 64GB iPhone6 for my wife and a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus for me. Took me multiple attempts on the app. Could only order one, then had to exit and keep refreshing to get back in. iPhone6Plus going fast - I couldn't pick up in Santa !onica where the iPhone 6 will be. Missed out on Century City, going to have to go to a The Grove. iPhone6 Pluses look very limited and are disappearing fast.
I have been one of the guys that has resisted having a phone too large to carry and answer. However, now that I have a Pebble smart watch and a bluetooth ear-piece, the truth is that I really don't have much of a reason to fumble around to find my phone and put it up to my ear to answer calls. And, since I am now carrying an iPad most everywhere, I have a tech bag that my iPhone stays in that I answer with my bluetooth when notified of a call by my smart watch. On top of...
OK, so when will the first Samsung wall-hugger ad hit? I can see people with their arms up by the Samsung USB chargers in the airport. ;-)
No, you are misunderstanding - they are charging their extra battery because they can't trust that the main one won't die when they use the device in non-UPSM.
So let me get this straight ... Samsung is saying that their best feature is that the battery lasts a long time if you don't use the device? This reminds me of the people that leave the plastic on their sofas in the living room they never use ... Fwiw, if iOS users want to extend the life of their devices, it's as easy as swiping up control center and hitting the Bluetooth and wifi buttons. Also, check that Airdrop is off. Then hit the power button - look, it's ultra...
But I thought that one of the big advantages of running Android was not being locked into an eco-system. When the only source for apps is GooglePlay, doesn't that eliminate one of the big pluses DroidFans crow about? It is true that this hasn't been found in the wild, but now that it is publicized, how long before some unscrupulous developer jumps in on this? Sure Google has provided a fix, but it's mostly a CYA move - how successfully will it propagate down through the...
Part of signing off on my reporting of hours has me ascertaining that I took my California state mandated breaks. I am sure that some employees have been inconvenienced by finishing up transactions in the retail stores, and some managers are casual about break times. I doubt that there is wide spread abuse of these issues. Personally, working for other companies I was irritated when I was in the middle of something (or almost finished) and was told to take a break to meet...
New Posts  All Forums: