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So where do watches fit in these reports? 
Hmm ... I am still using my original grandfathered unlimited iPad data plan on my 4th device ...
Personally, I am waiting for this https://waytools.com/products/textblade/1/trailer I am early in the queue, so I am hoping to see it this month. Live demos at their offices in Santa Monica in a week and a half.
Even Texans aren't thrilled with Tyler,   http://www.texasmonthly.com/daily-post/east-texas-patent-trolls-score-another-win-and-maybe-big-loss
It is important to note that Apple was selling a new computing platform when it started selling iPads. Looking through the sales numbers more than likely reflect the typical technology adoption rate. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-NOgoWlhXvP0/TkYFf_zBrqI/AAAAAAAAASI/1i7Fic1Gzas/s640/technology-adoption-curve.png Assuming that Apple would continue with increasing growth ignores that the market is pretty saturated for what is still somewhat of a luxury device. That said, now...
So is the article correct in using the shipping numbers? ... Because we know that Apple is usually almost complete sell-through, whereas Android stuffs the channels stranding retailers with lots of extra stock.
It is much easier to break, destroy, and criticize than to build, teach, and support ... which is an illustration of why this type of thinking is killing the country.
I am not sure why Apple is taking all the heat for this. The other partner in this deal was Pearson, the humungous global educational software company that was supposed to supply the books, software, and I assume, the training to teachers. lt has also been minimized that Deasy's lieutenant in this project was a former Pearson executive.   A large part of the failure was Pearson's inability to figure out the Apple eco-system ... being a UK/PC based company with little...
A couple of minutes to call in AND 3 days to a week to get a replacement card which you then have to re-register before using. From your previous posts, I take it that you carry a wallet full of cards, so not having a card for a few days may be trivial to you, but not so much for others. Then again, your nonchalant attitude is one of the reasons that credit card fraud is increasing every year. The cost may be transparent to you, but it isn't to the credit card providers or...
Well, it's not like there is anything else going on in the courts ...  If this was a criminal case, would it even make it past a Grand Jury?
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