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Is that guy who tries to be the #1 guy in all these lines in the Apple NYC store line?
Actually, I am wondering if Apple is planning to use both UPS and Fedex ... it looks like it is UPS orders that are being processed now because Fedex has a more expedited process for shipping.
Actually, even though few people use them for diving, the real value is in the crystal and the oyster stem.Ben
If you went in early, it is most likely that your browser was using a cached page. Until you cleared the cache or accessed the site from another computer you probably weren't actually connecting to the store. It doesn't have anything o do with Apple providing an inside edge.
I'm looking forward to twice the RAM ...
I guess people all forget how expensive th 30 pin connectors were when Apple first released them, and how people were caterwauling that Apple was trying to gouge with another proprietary connector. Startup tooling is expensive and high prices are to be expected when a new connector is released. However, with the huge rollout, i have no doubt some intrepid Asian company will tool up and start cranking out 3rd party cables in short order. Personally, I am willing to put up...
How many atmospheres are those Movados good to?
I think the point that is missed here is that Rolex watches are considered to be the brand that best holds its resale value. The posters who pooh-pooh Rolexes as being worse than Timexes or quartz watches seem to prove themselves to be similar to Android fans who equate features to quality, even if they are wrapped in cheap plastic. The thing is that next year, there will be one thing faster, glitzier, more powerful that will have Android users dumping this year's shiny...
Not sure why Samsung old have to sue over LTE when their so clearly shows their superiority ... ;-p
You mean that the Android OS actually ships with a mail program?
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