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In Safari, I went into Private mode. I am pretty sure that makes sure that you are reloading the page since there is not supposed to be a browser history stored. You could also go into your browser's preferences and delete cached pages and browser history.   I had the same issue - I went in about 5 minutes early and just kept hitting refresh. About 5 mins past midnight, I realized that I might be just reloading a cached page (from before the store turned on) and went into...
It's a market economy ... Apple sells out most every phone they make, why drop the price? Plus, it's not like Apple's competition is hugely undercutting Apple's sales price.   Heck, the iPhones are so popular, the prices are even high in the resale market ...
You can thank the Australian government for that in making sure that Apple pays more in legal fees and marketing costs to ensure that the Australian government protects the public from not misreading LTE marketing ... 
More than likely, the Canadian premium is because technical support costs are higher in Canada than in the US (plus any additional profit the Canadian company is looking to make.)
They are used to reporting on Blackberry and Android releases where the stores end up shipping back stock to the manufacturers. Apple is one of the few companies whose numbers are pretty close to sell through numbers, not just the amount of product shipped out by the factory to sit on store shelves or be returned when they don't sell.
Is that guy who tries to be the #1 guy in all these lines in the Apple NYC store line?
Actually, I am wondering if Apple is planning to use both UPS and Fedex ... it looks like it is UPS orders that are being processed now because Fedex has a more expedited process for shipping.
Actually, even though few people use them for diving, the real value is in the crystal and the oyster stem.Ben
If you went in early, it is most likely that your browser was using a cached page. Until you cleared the cache or accessed the site from another computer you probably weren't actually connecting to the store. It doesn't have anything o do with Apple providing an inside edge.
I'm looking forward to twice the RAM ...
New Posts  All Forums: