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Gee imagine a MSM reporter writing for a non-technical market of consumers not taking extensive pictures of the whole testing process and having an editor let him publish every shot ...
I have to wonder if part of the problem is that "fans" of Apple's competitors are so used to their companies' short term strategies, lack of customer support, and planned obsolescence that they expect every company to act the same way. People who continually complain about the price premium for Apple products have little understanding of customer retention or build quality because to them, price is everything and there is little value in design, fit & finish, and long term...
Of course they should, because there is no way that a machine could replicate the force of some fat assed guy sitting in his car seat or a "normal" guy bending metal against his thumbs. I can see that the next Jaws of life are going to consist of a pair of skinny jeans and some sort of ass sling and that at the next natural disaster they will send out people in skinny jeans to lift the rubble to help free people.
What Schmidt is basically saying is that he wants Google to be the McDonalds of technology.
I just wonder how much of the drop was related to profit taking. Most buys are put in before the big results come in and there are usually dips right after a launch. Interestingly enough, this release was so huge, the buy up probably ran longer than expected, and then market forces needed to drive the price back down before the next stage of releases to the next 20 countries. Also explains why everyone jumped on FUD so quickly including MSM AND financial media.In the end,...
If Google had that much faith in Android, how come they dumped Motorola? Now, after trying to make a move into hardware to move Android ahead, Schmidt is left trying to defend the company that is. singlehandedly trying to splinter the Android ecosystem. Oth, are we supposed to trust the opinion on mobile hardware devices from a company that lost $2.2B dollars trying to get into the handset market and then dumped it to a Chinese company for a $6B loss?
I still use PayPal now, but a transaction with them years ago left me with a bad taste in my mouth.   In the early days, I sold a MacBook on eBay that was paid for by PayPal. It was in the early days of verified shipping addresses, but PayPal sent me the money when the package was accepted by the customer. A few days later, I was contacted by a guy who said that he was a professor at a university who had had his Amex card stolen by a student. I told him that the deal had...
Interesting ad since apparently researchers have recently discovered a hole in PayPal's two-step authentication protocol ... you know, the problem that is supposedly the reason for the Apple breach? http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/06/26/a-rare-security-breach-at-paypal/ Apple has come out with a well publicized fix for their issue ... what has PayPal done?
Samsung customers who are used to walking into a store with no lines and and pick up phones on launch days ... ;-p
Keep at it. Took me awhile, but I got a 64GB iPhone6 for my wife and a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus for me. Took me multiple attempts on the app. Could only order one, then had to exit and keep refreshing to get back in. iPhone6Plus going fast - I couldn't pick up in Santa !onica where the iPhone 6 will be. Missed out on Century City, going to have to go to a The Grove. iPhone6 Pluses look very limited and are disappearing fast.
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