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So, Google's Cloud runs on water?
Someone took "Ship it!" literally.
Lame, on the highest order. Would be hilarious if Samsung ran with this, based on the patent filing. What's next- "Drop To Break"?
Articles like this one are the reason that I continue to follow AppleInsider. Thank you for the clear and comprehensive coverage of this timely matter. FWIW, I have been using iOS6 Maps quite thoroughly since it was available. While not perfect, I actually consider it to be an UPGRADE to the original Google-powered app (again, for my specific use case). The cleaner UI and speed, to be sure. But I actually appreciate the changes to the search, labels, Yelp integration,...
What I find most curious in this posting is the possible display tech in the top/bottom bezels. Very interesting, although these images are likely just references to the camera, gyro, etc.    I does pique one's curiousity though...
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