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To take advantage of their software, I'm assuming it would need updated hardware in order to receive data from the Iridium satellites. Correct?
Apple is clearly investing a lot of R&D capital on focused 3D technology development (based on the number of patents related to 3D technologies the company has filed in recent years). Throw in recent acquisitions such as PrimeSense, the spending is easily adding up to billions of dollars. A company like Apple doesn't spend billions of dollars on R&D that focused on a single area of technology without a planned product for it. Knowing that these things take time to mature,...
I'm disappointed that it won't include a PrimeSense proximity sensor. Or they may just surprise us and include one. If not this model, I surely expect it in the iPhone 7. How many years has it been since Apple bought PrimeSense? It usually takes about two years before technologies from companies they purchase wind up in their products (such as Siri and TouchID). Why do I want a PrimeSense sensor in an iPhone so badly? Because the sensor can detect objects that are near the...
I would like to see multi-user capability!
I hope the 4 speakers are assignable programically for developers! The front speakers could be assigned the surround channels for movies, for example. Or a game that specifically requires four speakers, another example.
I wonder if Force Touch could be used as a scale app to weigh things obviously that's not heavy enough to crush the screen!
That's not a bad idea for a future iPhone concept... Screens on both sides and mica and earpieces on top and bottom and both sides so that it could be used no matter how it's held. The home button would have to go and the sides would have to be entirely touch sensitive so that functions could be applied according to orientation... Hmmm
I'm still waiting on the inclusion of PrimeSense sensors in an Apple product. Such a 3D proximity sensor in an iPhone could bring all sorts of very creative and imaginative apps! I was expecting this to be the new sensor technology in the iPhone 6S. Apple traditionally has just introduced one new sensor technology at a time per generation of iPhone products. Adding Force Touch and the PrimeSense sensor in a single product would be a welcome break from that tradition. That...
Concerning this augument about the Mini's display. Up until the iPhone 6 Plus was released, the Mini 2 had the highest DPI. For people extremely near sighted like myself, that extra pixel density makes a big difference! Now with the iPhone 6 Plus having that beat, it frustrates me that the iPad Mini 2 and 3 still has the iPad Air 1 and 2 beat in pixel density (I can literally see the pixels on the Air 1 and 2). It frustrates me that my iPhone 6 Plus has an amazing display,...
I predict both the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 will be announced. And maybe even an Apple TV refresh (that later is just my wishful thinking and is not part of my prediction, but counts as extra credit if that comes true too). I predict this because of the fact that there has been more leaks than usual regarding those two products. Previous product announcements have been preceded by increased leaks of rumored products.
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