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Concerning this augument about the Mini's display. Up until the iPhone 6 Plus was released, the Mini 2 had the highest DPI. For people extremely near sighted like myself, that extra pixel density makes a big difference! Now with the iPhone 6 Plus having that beat, it frustrates me that the iPad Mini 2 and 3 still has the iPad Air 1 and 2 beat in pixel density (I can literally see the pixels on the Air 1 and 2). It frustrates me that my iPhone 6 Plus has an amazing display,...
I predict both the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 will be announced. And maybe even an Apple TV refresh (that later is just my wishful thinking and is not part of my prediction, but counts as extra credit if that comes true too). I predict this because of the fact that there has been more leaks than usual regarding those two products. Previous product announcements have been preceded by increased leaks of rumored products.
Apple needs to get with the program and introduce inductive charging in the next iPhone! They might since Apple Watch will have it!
I have an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 Plus. When I am using my iPad, I wish it had the same display specs as my iPhone. When I use my iPhone, I wish it had the same processor and RAM specs as my iPad. The new iPad better have comparible PPI, contrast ratio, and color saturation as my iPhone 6 Plus!
I've got a trivia question for all you technologies buffs! What happens when they get the process down to the atomic level? We get closer and closer at each new generation. Answer: Quantum bits. The strange world of quantum mechanics follows a strange set of laws that are different than regular laws of physics. Quantum law begins at the atom level. For example, a particle can be in more than one place at a time. These strange laws allow for all possible calculations to...
I feel uncomfortable and flattered. They run these boards, so they see this and can contact me, if they want.
He's talking about iOS 8.12, not iOS 8.2.I really hate when people do not read messages thoroughly and just assume it says something without reading it carefully. This sort of thing happens to me more often on this site than any other.
Ever since the first release of iOS 8, Safari has been extremely buggy, with sites crashing on a regular basis. I've NEVER had a site crash on any iOS version until 8 was released. Even with the latest version of iOS 8, sites are still crashing. This is THE bug I want fixed like yesterday!
Why would they run a story on third party speculation? Unless I confirm it first with my cousin, it's not news.The only thing confirmed is the part about the untruth in the book concerning the graduation.
I didn't divulge names or any private info, just possible motives behind Portman declining the role.Before I posted, I discussed it with my sister, who agreed that this could be the reason for the rejection.People need to know that Aaron Sorkin is a great writer and the project's problems have nothing to do with the script which is probably great.People also need to know that the book is inaccurate. I am defending the family, if anything, by saying this.Additionally, my...
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