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With all the leaks lately, is it possible the new phones will be announced and released this summer?
That could be the 5.5" model.... More screen could go over the speaker or the button.
If this is real, look at all the sensors on the top and bottom of the screen! The thing is loaded with unidentified sensors! At least one is a camera, at least two are microphones, one is the proximity sensor, and other is the ambiant light sensor. That leaves the rest as unidentified new sensor features! Odds are they related to the Prime Sense acquisition. Also, I read a rumor that it may have humidity, temperature, and barometer sensors. If they are new Prime Sense...
The A8 will have only 1GB? I hope that's wrong because that would be the same as the past few generations, but with the faster memory type. It would be especially disappointing if the new iPads also have 1GB. On Google Earth, I'm constantly reaching the limit...
Would this include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?
Besides gesture controls, say hello to the new FaceTime for Apple TV app! I remember a TV ad that ran during the mid '80's for a Zenith TV that also had a built in speaker phone. A family is gathered around their living room watching TV when something unusual happened. Their TV rang. "Someone want to answer it?" "No, you answer it..." "I answered it last time... It's your turn!" "Alright... I'll answer it!" He reaches for the remote, aims it towards the TV, presses a...
The Broadcom chips Apple has traditionally used in the iPhone are the combo chips that also include Bluetooth and FM. Late last year, Broadcom showed the update to this series that includes the features of this chip, plus NFC. I believe they will use the combo chip, not this one.
I found a bug in the Apple TV update. While on Netflix and Hulu, I was several layers deep into the menus and I pressed back (menu) and was taken to the home screen, rather than back a menu layer. This has happened numerous times on both those services. I haven't tested other apps yet, but I'm assuming its universal.
Have you updated your Apple TV?
I'm assuming it's the same SSL security fixes included in the iOS 7.06 release.
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