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Concerning RAM, I certainly hope the new iPads bump it up. There are times on Google Earth when I run out of memory. Also, going between apps many times requires re-drawing due to memory issues. Yeah, that 1GB needs to get bumped up.
No. iShoe was so yesterday! It will be iClone! Ever wanted to be at two different places at the same time? Well, now you can! And no one will tell the difference between the original you and your clone! It's sure to be a Apple's greatest hit ever!
If you look at the first photo, you will see two cut out holes in the center top front. The article guesses that one of these is the proximity sensor and doesn't even venture a guess for the purpose of the other. I have a sneaky suspicion that these are actually 3D proximity sensors using technology from Prime Sense. I could be wrong. Odds are I am wrong, but I really hope I am right. The photo leaves open this as a definite possibility, rather than providing evidence of...
Also, the Flickr app got a major rework that includes access to all personal account-related features!
Educate me.
I never said my example was a practical one. As I said, that is an example of what a programmer could use this for in an app. Again, it's up to the imagination of the developer. A more practical example... You tell an app what temperature you are most comfortable with. If it detects that you are out of your comfort zone, it sends a signal to a future smart AC signal with your comfort zone temperature, and it automatically adjusts the temperature to your preference, or...
Yes, the fact that these sensors could be available for programming is what's new. For example, an app may use the thermometer and have SIRI remind you to put a jacket on if it's a certain temperature. The air pressure sensor could be used to help calculate your exact elevation. For example, a GPS app would be able to tell you if you're on the correct floor and to go up or down if you're not. Combine that with iBeacon and an app could even direct you to an elevator and...
Combine that with the Prime Sense sensors and you have great hardware that's only limited to the imagination of developers! As a programmer myself, I've imagined a day when apps could condition to a user's environment.
With all the leaks lately, is it possible the new phones will be announced and released this summer?
That could be the 5.5" model.... More screen could go over the speaker or the button.
New Posts  All Forums: