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I tried and it just would go into sleep mode and not turn off.
That was impossible because you have to slide the screen to power down.
I've experienced a different varient of this bug. Some time after I upgraded, the screen became unresponsive. The pull-up toolbar from the button pulled up and popup buttons worked. I had to wait until my battery died before I was able to restart the phone and use it fully again.
I don't get why they didn't include the A9X chip and possibly even 3D Touch. Why is the Pro only receiving 2015 technology?
Nothing is missing. Anything that you perceive to be missing can be simply added via a dogle. As I said in my earlier post, optical ports actually deliver lower quality sound. That said, why would anyone ever want to use it?
The optical port is an obsolete standard that should have been killed a long time ago. The best possible sound it can deliver is COMPRESSED 5.1 sourrond or UNCOMPRESSED 2.0 stereo sound.
They will have to make the back one big touch panel and the sides one big round touch panel. Also, if they put the fingerprint sensor on the screen, that will be in addition to possible 3D display technology and embedded solar technology. That's a lot of technology with a lot of layers to embed into the screen!
QUESTION: Will there ever be an OS XI, or are we permanently on OS X?
I wonder what the Apple process is in developing next generation products. Do they have all the details figured out at the get-go, or do they have a long wish-list of features and changes they want to make and try to fit as many in as possible before a given deadline and a set of priorities with its given development budget? Do they have multiple variations being developed and the one they use is the one that looks most likely given the time and budget restrictions?
It depends on the websites. The ones that do a lot of scaling are the ones that are always crashing for me.
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