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Oh, and I will bet that next year's product line up will include PrimeSense proximity sensors (at least the iPhone 6S will)! Each "S" version of the iPhone have included technologies bought from acquired companies for around $400 million. The iPhone 4S had SIRI. The 5S had Touch ID from Authentech. Likewise, the 6S will have 3D proximity sensors from PrimeSense.
Here's my situation. I have a 64GB iPad Mini 2. I got it a couple of months ago and fell in live with it. Then, I started noticing it lacks some of the LCD technologies found on my iPhone 5. I got it over the iPad Air because I found my previous iPad 3 too bulky and heavy. For the same specs as the iPad Air and a better PPI ratio, I found it to be the perfect product! As I used it more and more over the weeks, I began to notice that it lacked many of the design...
Dual ambient light sensor? Hmm... I wonder what the second one is being used for... I doubt it's simply for back-up or to give more accurate readings! Maybe to detect directional proximity data of ambient light points to adjust screen brightness levels variably from side to side, faded according to each sensor, giving the screen yet another minor subtle tweaked improvement?
It has dual microphones as well. Any other differences, anyone?EDIT - Nevermind. The iPad Mini 2 also has dual mics.
Why would they price iPad Mini 3 $100 more than the iPad Mini 2 and only offer Touch ID and dual microphones for that price? Sure, margins get a huge boost for the iPad Mini 3 by doing this, but demand is going to very low! Unless Apple plans on manufacturing the iPad Mini 3 in low quantities, or phase out the iPad Mini 2 and selling off existing inventories, this isn't making much sense to me. Further, I don't understand why the iPad Air 2 hasn't gotten an increase in...
So, basically, the only differences between the iPad Mini 2 and 3 are Touch ID and dual microphones. It is still the same form factor and weight as the iPad Mini 2. It does not have the screen improvements that are in the iPad Air 2, but it is priced $100 less than the iPad Mini 2. Is this right that the Mini 2 will now be $100 less than it is now? If so, the $100 price difference better be because they need to clear existing inventories of Mini 2. This can't be something...
Anyone notice that your Apple TV now "rings" through the TV speakers when your iPhone rings in this latest iOS update?
They will probably use the 3D proximity sensors developed by PrimeSense (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PrimeSense) in the next generation model (after the one they will announce later this month) and the iPhone 6S. In fact, this follows a pattern of Apple incorpating acquired technologies in the "S" models of iPhones. The 4S introduced Siri and the 5S introduced Authentech's fingerprint sensor (Touch ID). Each of these companies were acquired for around $400 million.
Last year's iPad product refresh made the mistake of recycling the previous year's form factors and screen technology. As for the iPad Air, it is basically a stretched iPad Mini with Retina Display. This year, for the iPhone 6 models, at least, the iPhone 6 Plus isn't simply a stretched out iPhone, as its screen resolution also got a boost. If the design of the iPhone 6 Plus is a lesson learned from the mistake of the iPad Air, then we can assume that all three iPad sizes...
Concerning RAM, I certainly hope the new iPads bump it up. There are times on Google Earth when I run out of memory. Also, going between apps many times requires re-drawing due to memory issues. Yeah, that 1GB needs to get bumped up.
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