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They will have to make the back one big touch panel and the sides one big round touch panel. Also, if they put the fingerprint sensor on the screen, that will be in addition to possible 3D display technology and embedded solar technology. That's a lot of technology with a lot of layers to embed into the screen!
QUESTION: Will there ever be an OS XI, or are we permanently on OS X?
I wonder what the Apple process is in developing next generation products. Do they have all the details figured out at the get-go, or do they have a long wish-list of features and changes they want to make and try to fit as many in as possible before a given deadline and a set of priorities with its given development budget? Do they have multiple variations being developed and the one they use is the one that looks most likely given the time and budget restrictions?
It depends on the websites. The ones that do a lot of scaling are the ones that are always crashing for me.
I really hope they avoid a buggy release, like iOS 8 was! Even with the latest bug fixes to iOS 8, Safari still crashes all the time!
Having it left of the speaker (which is dead center) has nothing to do with making it shorter. They could have centered it with the speaker.
I've wondered why the iPhone 6/6+ have the speaker and proximity sensor in the dead center and the front camera on the unbalanced left of center. My theory has been that the space on the right of the front speaker is being reserved for a PrimeSense sensor for the 6S/6S+. There is no other logical explanation for that design anomaly.
Hmm, very interesting. I still hope to see PrimeSense sensors in future iPhones, iPads, Apple TV's, Apple Watches, and Macs. The potential is painfully obvious for programmers like myself. 3D mapping for images, 3D gestures, games, 3D face tracking, touchless "mouse" pointing, realtime 3D navigation of the immediate vicinity, collision detection, etc.
To take advantage of their software, I'm assuming it would need updated hardware in order to receive data from the Iridium satellites. Correct?
Apple is clearly investing a lot of R&D capital on focused 3D technology development (based on the number of patents related to 3D technologies the company has filed in recent years). Throw in recent acquisitions such as PrimeSense, the spending is easily adding up to billions of dollars. A company like Apple doesn't spend billions of dollars on R&D that focused on a single area of technology without a planned product for it. Knowing that these things take time to mature,...
New Posts  All Forums: