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i agree.  I teach in a K-8 school and while there are a surprisingly large number of students with iPhones, many, many more have an iPod Touch instead.  Providing this device helps to fill a niche and to bring them into the Apple ecosystem at an early age.
Totally agree with the first part of this.
I've seen and used the little icon on my phone and iPad, but never seen the icon on the dock of my MacBookPro.
And all the other marketers (and many a AI commenter) gasped with open-mouthed awe and said, "That's innovation!"
           Wow!  Some of you have swallowed a whole pitcher of the Apple kool-aid. Apple did not invent the gui, mobile phone or touch screen.  It has done a good job of combining these elements into a form factor people like with a good software interface, but it did not create the iPhone whole-cloth from raw materials. And, it certainly didn't come up with the idea of increasing the size of the phone, which is the reason for the large increase in sales this quarter. And,...
I'm not sure why so many people take such great delight in the failures of Apple' s competitors. Competition is good for the consumer in this case. I hope Samsung, Microsoft, et al, all keep innovating and making great products. This will force Apple to do the same. And, perhaps lower their prices.
When I click on help and i read about how to use iCloud Drive it says I can drag files and folders from my mac to iCloud Drive and it will copy the file there, but leave a copy on my mac.  However, when I do this the file or folder doesn't stay on my mac.  It's no longer there.   Am I misunderstanding how it works?  Do I need to duplicate the file or folder before dragging it iCloud Drive?   Thanks!
For better or worse, I don't think this is true. The first x number of products will be credited to Jobs. Unless they flop. Then Cook will be "credited".
Since installing this update on my ipad 4 the battery is draining incredibly fast. Anyone else seeing this?
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