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I really wonder how many read through setups, Help & Tips before beginning. I know side rulers our not included for now! But if they were using Help which opens online help, theirs a send feedback @ bottom of page & would truly help Apple & they (complainers) more quickly. These apps are the 1st step in a new direction and thing will only get better, I'm not sure how long altogether Apple was working on this but if waiting for full feature app we may have been waiting...
You can add Bookmarks, Reading List ... just by click & hold on the "for a short instant" will give you a drop-down list. then you can select easily where to put it. What I do miss was that little iCloud Button from Dev previews.
I will just say you put an investor on your board your company will go down the drain.
Hopefully they'll bring some nuance to OS-X system sounds to especially "start-up", love the new tones.
Well given a choice I'd personally go with the Smart-cover without keyboard.
It is wrong to phrase it like that, the App Store since iOS 4 always shown App-Updates (these are not installed on the device itself).If "he/she" wants to prevent auto-updates "he/she" must go to Settings>iTunes & App Store then unselect Apps button / Updates Button.To then actually download an App you would click on it within the list shown in Updates, which would then give you the download-ring untilit completes into OPEN.I have always had my setting not to auto download...
Now that is beautiful "stencil artwork" almost.
For once I agree with you, the truth should come out and the innocent book buyers that had book prices jump up overnight due to Apple's shenanigans shouldn't be punished and should get their money back! [/quote] Maybe you should add the below links to your reading...
I was hoping that when it was revealed some time ago that Sony was being used for the cam sensor, that Apple would be using that latest "higher" quality sensors. Even though through NHK those sensors were shown in various programs since Jan this year. It was to soon (close) to the Xperia Z1 release or asking price for now was to much? http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/30/4784014/sony-xperia-z1-review http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/tv/jtech/index.html The camera was...
%uD83D%uDE0A I wish I could just post a smilie, but this news does give me a warm fuzzy good feeling all over.
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