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I was hoping that when it was revealed some time ago that Sony was being used for the cam sensor, that Apple would be using that latest "higher" quality sensors. Even though through NHK those sensors were shown in various programs since Jan this year. It was to soon (close) to the Xperia Z1 release or asking price for now was to much? http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/30/4784014/sony-xperia-z1-review http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/tv/jtech/index.html The camera was...
%uD83D%uDE0A I wish I could just post a smilie, but this news does give me a warm fuzzy good feeling all over.
You have your dimensions wrong, with the larger screen it would be ideal for Designers, Architects, Artists.. so it would be 16-9 ratio, not squared. Also with the narrower bezel it will only be slightly bigger over-all. Here's a place to checkout screen-sizes: http://www.displaywars.com/9,7-inch-4x3-vs-12-inch-16x9 These images don't show widescreen but the Wacom does 2nd in view.
Ok so what he's saying is Apple with only a refresh iPhone with new iOS is not only scaring the competition but beating them in true sales. Also are moving forward step by step with initiatives , "they" don't understand, until it's to late! Wow factor of new products iMac and MacPro wether you like it or not these are pushing the standard thinking of computing. Ofcourse there's also the OS, Cloud and that forth leg.
Yes it's a bug! A trick of not using has intended, emergency call. We all hoped that Apple would implement the emergency call services numbers: (Police, Fire, Ambulance with Dr or other) within the emergency feature. This would have been a One touch service of those numbers after hitting Emergency, We (I) asked for this implementation would also allow for Location Services to know which country your in & give One Touch Emergency Services relating to that country. This...
Thats a shame for the lighter colour since it matches with the iMac & accessories (keyboard and mouse) also with the new silver iPhone. Which I'm on a upgrade for, I was going (need) to get an iPad but if that's going space grey then it doesn't fit into the rest!? This means that newer iMac's and accessories will be going this root too?
I never used Cards but saw the use for it. You still have Stationary within Mail so hopefully they'll add to that?
Just call it iPad Pro, it'll be just large then the old iPad with the new thiner bezel. Be great for artist, designers with the increased screen size.
Apple should only agree to the outside monitor if this monitor becomes for all publishers & retailers of ebooks & physical books across America. Until then Apple will not be forced to adopt such a measure until all parties agree too!
It's always up for me!
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