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Thats a shame for the lighter colour since it matches with the iMac & accessories (keyboard and mouse) also with the new silver iPhone. Which I'm on a upgrade for, I was going (need) to get an iPad but if that's going space grey then it doesn't fit into the rest!? This means that newer iMac's and accessories will be going this root too?
I never used Cards but saw the use for it. You still have Stationary within Mail so hopefully they'll add to that?
Just call it iPad Pro, it'll be just large then the old iPad with the new thiner bezel. Be great for artist, designers with the increased screen size.
Apple should only agree to the outside monitor if this monitor becomes for all publishers & retailers of ebooks & physical books across America. Until then Apple will not be forced to adopt such a measure until all parties agree too!
It's always up for me!
@d4njvrzf and iChat always had this and much more since it came out in 2002, then a year later it added AV. So what's your point!? When Apple was making the iPhone they were refused the use of iChat that's why they went with Yahoo chat. Also this gave them new work in creating Messages specifically for iPhone.
Everything is fine my end using iMessages, Email I don't use Photo-stream. It's not a global outage and has shown is only iCloud not Mail app etc… Wow what happened to my post all of what I wrote is gone except the 1st line & the 1st line of second paragraph?
More great news & looks like what I've been waiting for in apps for iPad. Along with the Wacom stylus this is going to be interesting to see how it holds up to Wacom tablets?
The Man with the Golden iPhone (Solar-plex)
All I will say is that it's a bit jarring at first getting used to iOS7 but it's also the functionality, UI the interaction of transition between states. Coming to the desktop it will be crucial how they look and the way "we" Mavericks displays n transitions the icons. Right now the Dock has a nice 3D shelve with icons flat on top off it. Most use the Flat Dock instead, I'd prefer no dock background though to flat! I would love to some new form to the Dock in the way it...
New Posts  All Forums: