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This is great, even though I've never had the problem! I wonder if the'll do a similar thing for phone call? Which would warn your operator of the unwanted call.
Apple was not the 1st to take-up the Agency Model, the very first I believe was Sony whatever their ebook system was called!? Now although mostly around Asia for Sony things were going well, so Amazon was getting itchy about this. They decided to try this route too, this is between 2006 - 2009. Google back in Jan of 2009 announced they were going the Agency Model preempting...
This is the revers of info being reported via BBC-World business on actual Smartphones. With the Korean company falling short and losing in saturated market with extended price-drop on shares.
Wow the misconception on diabetes, there are some to whom it is an hereditary and not because of life-style. Yes there are many institutes which have been looking into a needle less test, but many hospitals or doctors still prefer a traditional blood test. So if a device which could clip onto the iWatch & give feedback direct to it, this would help tremendously. Also for any other sufferers of Heart, Liver, Migraines or Food allergies / Insects "Bee stings".
I have not read all posts here only up to page 2 part way down. Now it's seems people are finding fault or issues with what has been actually reported! All I can say that early this morning via BBC World News is that the Chinese media reported an accidental death of a stewardess by electrocution when answering her iPhone. She was in the bath when the call came through, at her home or hotel? They showed videos of the iPhone, it's in fact an iPhone 4S & the antenna...
I gave up from their 1st offering for iOS since you checked what you liked: Food, Health etc then when trying to view these were of limits (paid for only). Now with their ever growing venom in reporting on Apple, they could not pay me to read any of there articles. Poor Pogue still working for them his videos have become harder to find & aren't forefront anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by Victory2013  Take off your apple shaped and shaded glasses. The evidence was strong against Apple. The publishers knew it and settled but Apple was to arrogant and took a chance and Apple lost. You do know that this was all started by Google who preempted Amazons own look at this model in 2009? Also many forums within amazon on them hiking prices even before Apple entered the market! Most have been deleted but you may find via...
iAP just refers to AirPlay      While it appears that "normal" hard-wired USB connections will still be an option for iOS in the Car, via a 30-pin or Lightning input, the new wireless protocol support would bring an even greater level of convenience for users. With AirPlay over Wi-Fi, an iPhone can beam Siri, Maps, music, communications, and other information to a car's receiver without being taken out of a user's pocket or bag.
So far it's smooth & fast, some teething points if your editing a template ( currency clicking on Category>Data>Data Formate = Automatic and select Currency €. It doesn't set the change for the whole data? On the other hand starting from fresh and setting the layout from scratch it does.   Right now you can not edit change Charts but this is a beta and shows promise.   
Yes has noted by others you already have full glass-face covering. So if ready for production we will more likely see this in iPhone6, you'll get a tapered edge like iPhone5 but less visible, and maybe be wider by a quarter inch also slimmer.   This would give full display on videos, games, surfing safari, maps and most apps that need it? The home button would be summoned by ether a "tap" or "gesture" at central lower edge. The camera and speaker atop are...
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