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I'm hoping that the next revision to Time Capsule, AirPort will bring in SSD has well! For the same price point 2-3 TB = %u20AC300 to %u20AC400 also i/o inclusion of Thunderbolt to complete the integration of Thunderbolt into the Apple family.
I would like to see them add this to the message chat within FB app on mobile & also within the desktop version.
Just more miss-information & hearsay.
I wonder about the ruler & wether it has a soft underside to it? Since heave work after a year on your device would probable cause damage to the screen! Well that's what's always bothered me, but I haven't tried any drawing apps but now & again you see they get a bit of lag while drawing.    That's true but sticking with it's Adobe the gloves will help.   Well you can always get artist-gloves like SmudgeGuard or similar.
I really like to know when they will truly drop Flash & their buggy java elements for Mac OS-X?
This is good news, I have several albums which were bought before iTunes 11 release. All the LP/Extras are there but seem to be broken has most of the pic or info has disappeared? I believe before they used a template but also allowed PDF & maybe this is the cause of the breakages?
Global outage!? Wow so I shouldn't have been able to have been using mail all day! Or Message, Calendar was fine too! So ether I'm not on iCloud services or I've missed the momentarily "minuets" of downtime. Another thing to mention here is that If I remember correctly Apple is using other's servers "MS, Cisco to name a few of the global servers they are using.
And this is Bad!? This can only be good, not that I've seen any emoji only or partial named apps. It will prevent such things and makes the developer think harder for a name title for his or her app.
Because it would get stolen by samsung thugs! 
I'm clad I did not see any of these interruptions buying on iTunes last week & using iMessages daily! Is it just in the USA or elsewhere?
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