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Yes this looks much better also if they can integrate it across iOS & OS-X then you'll be able to search , index maybe tag & in the future share easily. Remember this wont be out until October so time for refinements & enhancements.
Yes it is odd at first but I've gotten used to it & I'm in the need of a Time-Capsule. What I'm wondering after the keynote, is what was said about adding more storage? Also maybe removing HDD & replacing it with SSD if you wanted!
I too love the new look weather app from Apple. The app itself was most likely in development long age in conjunction with Yahoo but Apple gave Yahoo the drop on the release first. Since it would have been to long a wait for the WWDC & iOS release for later this year. Plus there is so much more that can be done added to in the future with this new weather app.
Is it possible for Apple to have him banned from saying anything relating to Apple!? Not that I want to get in trouble with the free-speach movement. I'm a poor-sole with not much, I do however have a roof over my head & can feed myself but is not Mr Wozniak a multimillionaire? Not to stop any rich person from taking up the right of the poor & downtrodden but this is in no way related to such.
I agree that this is a bad move by The Chicago Sun-Times. Has stated already it's not just photography it's the art, experience & creativity capturing that 1 moment or many! Also in how it tells the story & said photographers words expressed within the moment in reporting. Just basic reporting these days has lost a lot to quick & clumsy reporting or more commonly know as Blogging. Wether it's on tech, environment, social-developments some have gone down a quick easy path...
I'm hoping that the next revision to Time Capsule, AirPort will bring in SSD has well! For the same price point 2-3 TB = %u20AC300 to %u20AC400 also i/o inclusion of Thunderbolt to complete the integration of Thunderbolt into the Apple family.
I would like to see them add this to the message chat within FB app on mobile & also within the desktop version.
Just more miss-information & hearsay.
I wonder about the ruler & wether it has a soft underside to it? Since heave work after a year on your device would probable cause damage to the screen! Well that's what's always bothered me, but I haven't tried any drawing apps but now & again you see they get a bit of lag while drawing.    That's true but sticking with it's Adobe the gloves will help.   Well you can always get artist-gloves like SmudgeGuard or similar.
I really like to know when they will truly drop Flash & their buggy java elements for Mac OS-X?
New Posts  All Forums: