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This is utter nonsense. The device increases the bend in the wrist which is the precise opposite of what you want. If you want good ergonomics for a laptop then you need the top of the screen at eye level and a wireless keyboard.  
 It's an Apple forum, it's what we do.
Pretty ads, shite phablet.
 It sticks out of the similarly designed iPod touch and I can assure you that it is completely a non issue. I have no difficult at all in believing it will protrude.
 Well how to you explain this?  . 
 Well it must be true then.
Oh yes Apple will definitely be looking to expand into the bottom end crapware market. /sTouché.
 Ah yes now I see that it only works for the ai app, there is also no avatar on the mobile version as well as the desktop version. 
I have watched this ad over ad nauseam all day with my krkvxt6's cranked up to no. 11 I'm now regretting that I did not purchase that rp10s sub I saw on ebay last week. The ad immediately inspired me to copy the 8 bit logo to make an avatar, which I can't manage to get working.      No you should buy a mac because you love whatever it is you love about mac, I'd never deface the pristine spartan beauty with a sticker but I get the point.
 Have you seen this classic saga. http://www.419eater.com/html/joe_eboh.htm
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