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This is probably a good thing as the big ass short supply 6+ is aimed more at the Asian market, is it not?
Mind you the plucky little Voyager 1 is doing OK after 36 years.
After a secluded first couple of years, Cook is beginning to get a little weird.
 Sorry about that, I didn't notice. Not sure how it happened. I must have clicked a reference link in an article and forgot where I was.
I feel very sorry for Apple, why should should be expected to pay up over a valid patent when they are on the verge of bankruptcy with barely enough cash in the bank to buy a small country like Luxembourg.
They laughed at Bob Hope too. Not sure why though.
Square needed Apple's rounded corners
Apple is becoming a nickle and dime player.
Tim is just giving U2 a leg up. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2009/oct/26/u2-bono-disappointed-album-sales
 In fact the opposite is true. Because you are constantly picking up your iPhone, the weight is constantly apparent. But because a watch is strapped to your wrist and becomes a part of your arm you wouldn't even notice an extra ounce. I mean, even if you have a chunky watch on, does your arm ever feel like it is weighted? Then there is the leverage factor to consider, something strapped to your wrist is much closer to the elbow fulcrum point than when it is held in your hand.
New Posts  All Forums: