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Ads shoved in my face everywhere irritate me, to shove them in my face on my 4" screen, magnifies my irritation. If my use of an ad blocker irritates them then that can only be a good thing. They'll just have to find a better model.
The very concept of anyone 'taking on' Apple by 'partnering' with random manufacturers is a non starter right from the off because what makes an Apple product what it is, is the fact that it is the only completely integrated software and hardware package from a manufacture that is expert in both these disciplines. It's like two drowning people holding on to each other for support.
Also happens on iPhone 4s, particularly annoying when the top button has stopped working. 
 I suppose we should be thankful that you did not feel compelled to explain why you needed to stop reading but I suspect it had something to do with not having a cover on your keyboard.
Android is not a smartphone manufacturer, surely the list should say 'All Android smartphones',
 If you like that then you must definitely try falling asleep to Bioldogy: The Science of Life also available from various other disreputable sources.
It's a sign to The Gnomes Of Zurich that Apple's takeover of the world is on.
  I don't think you can say that it's 'flat out wrong', notwithstanding of course that ethics have been a hot philosophical topic for 2,500 years and does not look like it will be resolved any time soon. When sites want to display a 30 second video ad before a 30 second new clip, I will mute the sound and scroll it off the page till it's finished. I just don't want to have ads shoved in my face, if they are going to shove ads in the faces of people like me, it most...
Been using this for ages, works pretty well too.   https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/ad-blocker-browser-for-idevices/id537774578?mt=8
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