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I'll drink to that.
  Apple have got enough money to buy Luxembourg. It's ok to have a 16 GB model on an ipod but on a phone that starts at $1000 AUD, it's a joke. A sad joke really.
Wtf is a "hearable" other than a product you hear?
 Maybe you'd be better off with a kneeling chair than an Apple watch?
Oh the humanity!
Hublot have already ruled out licensing their 'magic' gold.
Nice way to turn an excess of unsold about to be superseded phones from a negative perception into a supposed optimistic offer, basically they have nothing to lose.
Should be called the Penultimate Test Drive because you already know it's going back.
 Ok Siri can always be better but statements like the one above belie a complete dissociation with reality.
Apple appears to not understand the unmitigated greed of Australian banks.
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