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 Edwin Schrödinger, liased with his gf in the Alps while working on his wave equation. Meanwhile his wife stayed at home. As long as King didn't aspire to be a marriage counsellor his private life need not enter into his message. Surely Jackie would have had more of a problem with her husband's dalliances, which are legendary. Apparently the Kennedy clan would procure women for the lads in the hope of keeping it out of the spotlight.
MLK was featured on the 'Think Different Ads' in 1997. 
 Apple unveils new TeamApple cycling outfits.
I thought this was going to be one of those 'funny caption' competitions.
 'I could care less' and 'I couldn't care less' mean exactly the same thing. The former is more iOS 7 while the latter is more glassy reflections. Such is the quirky nature of English.
 But I didn't. Damn, does that count?
Dr Dre is a Vulcan and Iovine is a Martian with retractable antennae therefore neither are subject to Earth's patent laws.
Compared to using a Wacom tablet and pen with proper pressure sensitivity and no lag, this would be like flossing your teeth wearing ski gloves.
  They left off 1000^9  gottalottabyte.
  Why the cloying sentimentality, why not add or "a desperate moment like when they're trying to record themselves hitting the lightbulb while polishing the bishop".
New Posts  All Forums: