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  Hmmm, that is a valid point and one that I presume has not been fully considered. Perhaps you should get in touch with Apple's legal team.
Give 'em the chair, I say.
They cannot hear you because they are dead.
If there was a game called Ultimate Insider Trading, this would be it.
  The reason is that if you do not give it any stars then you are in effect giving it no stars. If the intention of actually wanting to give no stars is to register extra dissatisfaction above the normal, then you can simply do that in the comments.
I am amazed that so many people care about percentage shifts that eventually just translate into numbers in a bank account somewhere, which basically just means strings of electron spin orientation holding information.   Sure I get it that people need a certain amount of money or whatever in order to live, but as long as Apple is able to produce the splendid products that it now produces, like from my pov, an rMBP and iPod Touch then that's worth more to me as far as...
Personally I'm going to skip the smart watch I think it's will just be a trade off of usability but still be a sizeable chunk of hand furniture. But if they made a smart ring... now I'm interested. Imaging the convenience, at the end of a restaurant meal while I'm picking my teeth I could be simultaneously paying the bill. While combing my hair I could be remotely opening the garage door and have the car waiting with the engine already warmed. I love the future, it can't...
Best article I've enjoyed reading for a long time, devoid of smarmy sarcasm like the flawgic article, (which I also liked), it immediately becomes apparent that like MS, Google, can just rely on the fact that the vast majority of users seem to think viruses and malware are just a part of computing and put up with it as a 'fact' of life. Or just think they are clumsy with computers which should only be expected to work if you have a degree in computer science and if...
But why would you want to?
It's supposed to be a movie about Jobs, OK I can get having an actor resemble the character being portrayed, that is standard for biopics. However to go to the trouble of having the exact same shoes made by using the same moulds, is pointless shallowness that is only boasting of how little real content of any value must be in the film if they think that the actual shoe moulds actually adds anything at all. Same with the Jeans. I'd avoid this cliché ridden movie like the...
New Posts  All Forums: