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I would estimate the answer to be in the ball park of somewhere beteeen 'zero' and 'not at all'.
  No one is ever going to use artificial sapphire as a covering glass for a phone, it was never going to happen, it never will happen. It makes not a jot of sense.
I don't even know why that command was needed, you could simply open the folder it's only 2 levels in. It would only be needed for a hidden folder. 
Q: How to solve the problem of landing an object on a comet 500 million kilometres away.A: Don't do it. Problem solved. I think you're onto something here, we can solve all the world problems with this one simple solution. Jonny Ive would like that.
When you read this thread from 2001 on the introduction of the iPod you will find it filled with the most risible posts very similar to yours. For example this one "If Apple does something like this again is going down."
That is excellent. Have you seen this http://youtu.be/gw80nMPv1Wc
Samsung is a better fit for paypal, who want to act like a bank when it suits, but abrogate normal bank responsibilities when it doesn't. For the first 5 years they were arrogant and nasty but lately paypal has cleaned up, but they dragged out the torment as long as they could. Really PayPal would be a liability for Apple Pay as they are more likely to give apple a bad name.
The 4" screen for a phone will never be 'outdated' in the foreseeable future because it's a size that is dictated by human scale. 
I have always been a bit leery of a larger screen than 4". I don't use a smartphone but my iPod touch tells me what I need to know. And for me that is the Touch, feels very good in the hand and the right size as well. I find it as immersive watching a moving on the 4" screen as a 27" screen because you hold it so close.   However now that the 6 has been released I have found myself on ebay looking for 64GB New condition models of the 5S. The upgrade in processor and...
 Easy tiger!
New Posts  All Forums: