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Microsoft make fun of Apple, who ironically are the ones laughing all the way to the bank. go figger.
Quote: Originally Posted by drblank    ...  The other is getting a bigger screen phone, which is seriously hampering their growth.  I personally think that the market is definitely split up into three definite screen sizes and Apple needs to constantly address this...   We will see about this. However my gut feeling is that the screen size issue is a furphy. After the cheap iPhone comes out we will then see the truth of this. Apple does not need...
Looks like Samsung had been drawn into a trap of their own making. They have blithely copied and smugly profited by copying Apple and have become intoxicated by the profits of Apple while being oblivious to the deep philosophical underpinning. Thus they, as the article says, become more dependent on their smartphones, then amid dwindling profits while chasing the chimera of sheer numbers of sales, they get drawn into a cycle of needing to pour ever more resources chasing...
Those whacky Icelanders!!
Code:It doesn't say what it WANTS to access it says what it MAY access and once you install it then you will never know or be asked for specific permission. Essentially it is holding stupid and lazy people hostage ie if you want "free" "music" then press this button and don't worry about it
It's like pirate bay without benefits
I beg to differ. A pair phillips she9550 can be had for $20 and i find them to be better than a pair of $200 sony xba-30 and the superfine silicon used works better than sony's, seals better and is more comfortable
This audio seal test is a real eye opener (or ear opener) with regards to the difference that a good seal makes in an in-ear earphone. Basically it an all or nothing situation.
Picture how dweebish it would look to be holding your girly iWatch up to your face while delicately poking at it with your finger or worse yet whispering sweet secrets into its microphone.
Hired in an 'unknown' role. Well it's about time, Apple has traditionally be very weak in the unknown department.   Mind you I suspect that he has been hired to bring Cook's portrait posing up to company standards.  
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