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The director who trousered 10 million could certainly afford to fund a lawsuit if he really believed he was right and would therefore win.
Ever wonder where all the European Oak forest went? It took a small forest to make a single ship. What about all the Australian red cedar, toona Australis, one of the finest timbers on the planet. All gone, bar the occasional tree here and there, they went on railway sleepers in India.
I'm holding out for an 'iPhone for Death' plan. I want my iPhone  buried with me, one can never be too blasé about these things.
I'm confused. GT make the equipment then when they started actually using the equipment, they were not able to produce the quantity or quality needed. Is this correct? And if it is what does it say about GT.
I made a rare visit to a large electronic store recently and I took the opportunity to peruse their vast range of laptops. I clicked all the trackpads and had a general press, squeeze and fondle of them and I was shocked at how crap they all were. Even ones that were in the same price bracket as Apple. I thought the Surface was supposed to be this solid well made object, but the case felt like plastic, I pinged it with my fingernail but in the end I had to go online to...
 But Samsung is shipping every phone it makes. And Microsoft is shipping 20% of every tablet it makes, the rest are written off.
I would have got the ipad mini 3 if it had the A8X just to run Frax it doesn't render fast enough on my touch's A5.    p.s. just went to check the name of Frax on my ipod and handoff already had this post loaded with it half filled in. That was a surprise that it not only loaded the webpage but also filled in this post while I was actually in the process of writing it.
 That's not 'irony' it's 'coincidence'.
There was a good explanation on MR. It's to do with how it attaches to the logic board, it doesn't work anymore, they'd need two logic boards. 
 Just tried it in Safari, so maybe there's different behaviour in different apps, but the option key does the same as a double click on the grab bar, and adding the shift key has no extra effect (in safari anyway). Just tried it in a Finder window and it was the same. The double click fitted the window top to bottom on the screen, option and option+shift with green button was the same as a double click. Minimising apps to the dock always annoyed me when I did it...
New Posts  All Forums: