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  Albeit another diamond filled gold leafed hairball.
 D00d, I think the blunt's gone out, pass the matches. Duh, where are they man... Hang on I'll check my iPhone... oh there they are the matches are about 3 feet to your left.
  After I read this article all the way through, I don't buy into the argument that 'audiophiles' are able to discern what they claim. They couldn't even tell the difference between a $2 dac and a $5,000 dac.
There's a delicious irony in that Samsung has lost out to Apple at the top, and a shameless Apple copier at the bottom. Also I wonder if 'founders' might have been more appropriate than 'flounders', in this instance, the former meaning to fill with water and sink, the latter meaning to flap around clumsily like a er... a flounder, albeit a drunk flounder.
 With sugared water and toothpaste on the list, this award is kinda devalued.
They could have combined the trilobal (plus a private passageway) design and the circular design and made a huge f**cking peace sign and had the whole thing done out in post modern psychedelic minimalism style. Steve would have like that.
They could have two sections selling the top end Apple watch, one designed by Jonny with stone floors for 'Bankers' and another section designed by Angela for those who need carpet, labeled 'Jodrell Bankers.'
With so much cash available Apple should leapfrog this project and go straight into supplying spacecraft and spinoff technologies. It would go well with the new campus look too. Apple: A Space Odyssey.
Something is only worth what someone else will pay for it. If Apple shares really worth almost double their price then obviously Icahn would spend every penny he has minus a bit for living expenses, on Apple shares. Oh no, he just wants other people to share the wealth, or maybe he's just trying to spruik his own holdings, you decide.
 And that writing is... 'whoa holy mother of f**k, they sold 50million in the first year'.
New Posts  All Forums: