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Hired in an 'unknown' role. Well it's about time, Apple has traditionally be very weak in the unknown department.   Mind you I suspect that he has been hired to bring Cook's portrait posing up to company standards.  
Having an Apple earbud in your ear, it just about tolerable. Pulling an iPhone out of your pocket or iPod, especially in a nice container like a Piel Frama case, is a nice thing to do. It's nice to be in touch with the smooth metal and quality feel of an iPod touch... BUT...   The thought of significant numbers of people wishing to wrap an Apple branded or anyone branded flexible wrist device on themselves like some sort of automaton, is quite frankly, laughable. It...
I think they are just taunting Samsung to come up with the S-watch.     If the iWatch was in fact a two way wrist video a la Dick Tracy then I think there'd be some traction. Probably 2nd on every boy's 60's list of must have gadgets, after the JetPak
Occasionally of late and especially since I've acquired an rMBP, when down at the local mall I would pop into one of the 'hi fi' chains and peruse their array of laptops in a spirit of morbid fascination that people actually purchase this garbage. Bendy plastic cases, horrid tactilely challenge trackpads, screens that look like first generation lcd displays from yesteryear... I postulate to myself that anyone who would willingly purchase this pile of steaming doggy doo,...
  Yeah, I have no doubt that they will design one internally and to quite a lot of work on it, if only to work out the type of things that they may need to patent. This is a luxury afforded a company with limitless resources.    Nevertheless it is my opinion that tech that straps to your wrist, (unless it enables you to fly) is a non starter other than tiny niche markets for runners and the like. Especially with iPods and iPhones getting more clever and compact. You are...
I'd better register iWatch in Zimbabwe quick.   I can't really see an iWatch like the one shown take off if only because it seems so anachronistic to strap a piece of tech onto your wrist. Maybe if they can embed it into a tattoo, it may work.
When the cheap plastic iPhone is released with the same size screen as current iPhone and is a runaway hit, you will come to understand that the current iphone size is perfect and that oversized handsets are only a fad market.
I predict (and you can quote me on this) that this new iPhone will end up proving what an excellent size the current iPhone is and that this new category of cheap phone from Apple with iPhone 5 dimensions will be a runaway hit as the iPad mini was, and defy all predictions (apart from this prediction)
An excellent article giving a wide angle temporally inclusive perspective. It was also fun to read and even makes me inclined to believe that Australia can win the Ashes, go figger.
    For someone who only posts one a year, it wasn't worth the wait.  
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