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I thought the Europe analogy was counterproductive, seeing as we have technological marvels like the LHC, and ESA's Planck mission, as well as Concorde and a host of individual bits of genius wedded to history like BMW and Porsche and on and on. Using Europe sort of bigs up Android. 
  It was probably just a lucky guess.
They could use celebrity voices like Susie Essman, "you fat f--k"
That's not a real sniffer in the shot, it's been photoshopped in !
 "Do? No, evil"
 It's worse than that, because you also need a wall, and a powerpoint, plus you need to be living somewhere that is routing power from an electricity generating plant, and if you are in the wilderness you'll need your own fuel fired generator, so yeah, this is a pretty useless idea, unless you've ever forgotten your cable and wish you had a little key ring cable.
 What is the nature of this 'power', can he cure cancer with his touch, does he glow in the dark, can be bed 101 sweet 16 year olds in an afternoon without taking his trousers off? Whatever the this power is, I think we should be told.
you just wanted to write "MaxiPad" didn't you.
The iPad 2 seems to be seen as a sort of 1980's mercedes benz, a bit long in the tooth but quality nevertheless.
I gotta admit I thought the 5c is a bit overpriced but it looks like Apple got their target audience right. Samsung owners who want better quality plastic, smaller easier to hold phones, and an iOS that doesn't make your eyes bleed.
New Posts  All Forums: