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Tim is just giving U2 a leg up. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2009/oct/26/u2-bono-disappointed-album-sales
 In fact the opposite is true. Because you are constantly picking up your iPhone, the weight is constantly apparent. But because a watch is strapped to your wrist and becomes a part of your arm you wouldn't even notice an extra ounce. I mean, even if you have a chunky watch on, does your arm ever feel like it is weighted? Then there is the leverage factor to consider, something strapped to your wrist is much closer to the elbow fulcrum point than when it is held in your hand.
  Ah, it all makes sense now.   http://www.theguardian.com/music/2009/oct/26/u2-bono-disappointed-album-sales
The trolls have been having a hard time ever since Apple switched processors to Intel, in one go all their bullshit GHz numbers became meaningless but this new Watch, is going to be be TrollHeaven®, they are already coming out of the crevices all over the interweb. It's  been quite hilarious. Some of the funniest ones are on the lowbrow sites like this comments section from the Sydney Morning Herald, who I must say are on the whole too stupid to really mock, but...
 I can tell you that the 5th Gen iPod has a protruding camera and it doesn't matter at all, however you still need a case because the design is so frikken smooth and slippery. I go for the Piel Frama.
 That would not work due to the tiny movement on the sensor having to translate to a very large movement on the screen. But what would work would be a special gesture, like a back and forth swipe with the thumb at the point where you want the top of the screen to move to.
  10.4mm!, that's hilarious.
Every other 'smart' watch, just got flushed down the toilet.    This is true innovation, everyone else just shrunk a crap phone and mounted it on your wrist. The software just set Tizen back 10 years.
I find the ads too intrusive, I can't scroll past them, it's like some free utility app with permanent ads. It's worse than the old version.   Never mind I got mixed up, I was referring to the ai app rather than the m.site
I don't wear a watch or any body furniture at all, and I'd never have thought that any of the smart watches I've seen so far, including what I have not seen from Apple would ever catch on as a mainstream item because they are all so geeky and not well made as well as ugly stupid and cheap. However forgetting the actual face of this watch and how it works and just concentrating on the industrial design aspect, I think this is absolutely brilliant.   I would imagine that...
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