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Would would happen if Samsung stared Apple down and raised their chip price by 50% seeing as it's a superior quality. Who would blink first?
 This is exactly why I would never buy a Chinese hammer from eBay.
As long as it's applied properly to all companies, it is an excellent idea for governments the world over to tax multi mega million companies at a rate of at least 35%. Provided that these funds go where they ought.
I'd like to see Apple lead the way with green energy in the form of  liquid-fluoride thorium reactor power plant.
It's the Android trolls I feel sorry for.
 But it is not a high end watch is it? It's a computer on your wrist. Having said that it most definitely can be used exclusively as a high end watch and if it is then it would go for 2-3 days.
It is astounding how ugly and crowded the old iTunes interface now looks compared to Yosemite's iTunes.
How brutally unfair that Samsung has to use it's own inferior product in it's device.   
 Apple should have insisted he wear the apology on a sandwich board, like small town court orders, "I am a thief" type of thing.
 Edwin Schrödinger, liased with his gf in the Alps while working on his wave equation. Meanwhile his wife stayed at home. As long as King didn't aspire to be a marriage counsellor his private life need not enter into his message. Surely Jackie would have had more of a problem with her husband's dalliances, which are legendary. Apparently the Kennedy clan would procure women for the lads in the hope of keeping it out of the spotlight.
New Posts  All Forums: