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I"m not sure if this is an article about Ming or about Apple
Oh no, now Samsung will have the secret of how to seel 9 million phones on launch weekend.
The 5c price does seem a little close to the 5s, Apple erred in not setting the price of the 5s higher.
or for anyone else in the known universe for that matter.
I don't get it. First Samsung mocks the queue's for the new iPhone then they try to work out how they can get the same reaction for their POS phones?    Curiouser and curiouser.
 Easy tiger! the keyboard on your mbp is not user replaceable.
Why doesn't Samsung just leave us alone. You don't see Apple interviewing the occasional person who wanders into a shop to purchase some crap android phone asking "hey buddy, life is short, what the cuss are you bothering with that crap for"?
This is the numero uno most risible article ever. Samsung just don't get it do they.   The simple fact that they need to ask the question tells me that they will never get it.   If you need to ask why Apple's hard and software is so loved then you'll never understand anyway.   Apple products are life affirming. I must admit it seems a little surprised that it has taken so long for Apple to be recognised by the masses.
Remind me how many million they intend to manufacture.
The slightly anachronistic 'Point Of Sale' phrase urgently needs to be rejigged as it is seriously acronym challenged.
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