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I have watched this ad over ad nauseam all day with my krkvxt6's cranked up to no. 11 I'm now regretting that I did not purchase that rp10s sub I saw on ebay last week. The ad immediately inspired me to copy the 8 bit logo to make an avatar, which I can't manage to get working.      No you should buy a mac because you love whatever it is you love about mac, I'd never deface the pristine spartan beauty with a sticker but I get the point.
 Have you seen this classic saga. http://www.419eater.com/html/joe_eboh.htm
 The answer is to do with the difference between 'empathy' and 'sympathy'.
Do these people even care that you can command click on a titlebar icon and drill down to its location and that it's been like that for millions of years. No they do not, they do not love Apple.    /Rmini
It's hard to have sympathy for people that fall for these types of ludicrous emails. "Er... hello Mr User, you are receiving this email because your bank wants to reset your password. To prove that this is not a scam email, we have sent this directly to you so you know that it is not a scam. So click on the link and then run the super secure application and enter your bank account number and password in the secure space"
Apple should expand permissions to Safari notifications for married couples, eg: "Bill wants to get a subscription to 'big bosomed coeds on heat', Allow, Review, Send electric shock next time he picks up his iPhone"
  She should have quipped "The Galaxy S6 isn't out yet"
 I think that is known as the final release. Perhaps they don't let anyone have it *until* they get one million signed up.
The 1/8th hole in my ipod touch in comparison to the overall design looks weirdly anachronistic.
How is this different to the free EyeTv sevice where you can watch free to air TV that is steaming on your home network, away from your home over the internet using the EyeTv app?
New Posts  All Forums: