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 We don't often get it right here in Australia, but the whole WC is live on free to air HD tv which looks great on my rMBP.
That last goal was enough to make anyone scream..    
I would not be surprised if the entire iPod like iPhone leak is one of the greatest hoaxes ever successfully pulled off by Apple and instead they release the iPhone 6 that is nothing whatsoever like the leaks, and has a radical new design like wall to wall curved sapphire.
 There will inevitably be a paradigm shift at that point, where perhaps processing power is external to the devices. Today's magic is tomorrow's technology.
Google, how to I hate thee, Let me count the ways...   ...zzzzzzz
  FOOLS!  These crystals are the key component in a new technology designed to communicate with alien civilisations who are already taking over the planet. Look at the new 'flying saucer' Apple campus. We are all doomed.
I don't see the point of this 'leak' because it just confirms what we all already know regarding the size of the next iPhone screen. It does not say anthing else.
In that photo of Iovine and Dr Dre, because of the too tight suit, Iovine looks like Picard and Dre looks like a Vulcan.
  The prediction will most probably be correct for everyone except Apple, once they finally enter the market.
Unlike like the jet pack the refridgeroaster is a definite possibility.
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