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Reminds me of that Woody Allen line...      
  Fair enough, but one wonders why google entered into this arrangement, I mean what was in it for them except for (in hindsight) lost revenue. It's not as if YouTube needed promoting.
So what stopped YouTube from releasing a Youtube app right from the word go? Did Apple force them to allow an ad free baked in App by saying they would not approve a standalone app? I don't think so. Therefore one might wonder at the egregious error that the Youtube board made and how much money they lost by trying  to get their App baked in? They were bound to work it out eventually.    So rather than looking at how much more money they are now making one can look...
...Wang went on to call the Windows RT platform "very immature."..   Well at least they got their advertising right.     MS are zooned
I don't see what was so wrong about the game app. It was nice to get felt on the table.
It will all end in tears.
However us Apple afficionados do want/like to see Apple do well and a part of their success must rest on the tightly controlled secrecy which results in much surprise and delight when it comes off. Therefore if there is a paucity of Apple rumours and a consequent increase in news that is more oblique, well it is somewhat churlish to complain.
Urinalysis app? Surely someone is taking the piss.
  Yeah I was thinking the same thing, it's actually the law of economics. However having said that there could be a tenuous case for making it a physical law in the sense that ultimately and fundamentally, the economic laws are a construct of human consciousness which is manifested as electric and chemical neurotransmitters which themselves obey quantum laws, ergo physical laws.
It's what Steve would have wanted.
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