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"...tablet that folds up into a smartphone..." is the new Jet Pack.
I can't wait to see Samsung's Daewoo Lacetti ad.
The one area where Samsung should have copied Apple, worker safety, they chose not too.
So how did DoCoMo's plan to put their crapware and other branding onto the iPhone work out?
 OK, I got confused because there's obvious something wrong with the fucking blasphemy algorithms.
 That is not the distance to the sun, it's a definition of the phrase 'astronomical unit'
 OK, I'll bite, what word do the asterisks represent?
Samsung can fool some of the people some of the time. They are on the slippery slope to oblivion
I use an iPod touch which means I travel by jetpack and drink absinthe, my weapon of choice is a depleted uranium tipped harpoon.
But they made it look more like an iPhone, what could have gone wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: