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I think it stands for China. 
  I don't think there is a missing 'to'. It seems to me that "FaceTime" is being used as an abstract noun rather than a verb.
  Fixed that.
The rounded corners, bordered, heavier type icons have a clunky ad hoc dated ugly look, that is neither fish nor fowl. The borderless, to the edge buttons look better. If they carry on with this 'design by committee' approach, no good can come of it. Apple needs to remember Jobs' dictum whereby Apple knows what people want better than they know themselves.
Is this like Photoshop's LAB mode?
  Hmmm, that is a valid point and one that I presume has not been fully considered. Perhaps you should get in touch with Apple's legal team.
Give 'em the chair, I say.
They cannot hear you because they are dead.
If there was a game called Ultimate Insider Trading, this would be it.
  The reason is that if you do not give it any stars then you are in effect giving it no stars. If the intention of actually wanting to give no stars is to register extra dissatisfaction above the normal, then you can simply do that in the comments.
New Posts  All Forums: