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 But I didn't. Damn, does that count?
Dr Dre is a Vulcan and Iovine is a Martian with retractable antennae therefore neither are subject to Earth's patent laws.
Compared to using a Wacom tablet and pen with proper pressure sensitivity and no lag, this would be like flossing your teeth wearing ski gloves.
  They left off 1000^9  gottalottabyte.
  Why the cloying sentimentality, why not add or "a desperate moment like when they're trying to record themselves hitting the lightbulb while polishing the bishop".
Users could stay in the store while it closes up permanently in order to get the full and most realistic SamsungExperienZ®
The best game ever invented, Go, is free. Grab the client from pandanet, also available on iOS and Android.
 After waiting 11 years for your 4th post  I was expecting something with a bit more pizzaz.
All that really matter is that these Apple ads look nothing at all like all the other ads that are not Apple. As long as everyone else all do the same Apple bashing ads, that makes it really easy for Apple to just not do that and automatically differentiate themselves from everybody else, which is exactly the mystique that Apple seeks to instil in their ads. They must be pissing themselves how easy it is very time they see another Apple bashing Ad.
Samsung are reaping the fruits of their theft. They were years behind Apple and once Apple showed everybody the way forward Samsung could have used their considerable resources to build technology for the future, instead they used what was available and spent their resources on marketing, copying, outright theft, obfuscating court cases and flooding the market with crap. Now they will never be able to catch up. By the time they've caught up to A8x Apple will be on A9 and...
New Posts  All Forums: