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It's what Steve would have wanted.
I was amazed recently when checking my ipod touch apple maps to see if it had perchance kept in memory the local area, that not only did it have the maps but it was also tracking my progress as I was walking in the street as if it was a gps. I was not connected to any wi fi and the tracking was perfectly accurate. How it does this I do not know. Google maps were blank. Not only that but when I have compared the two products side by side the Apple maps are more elegant,...
All apple products hold their value over equivalent products from others. Always have always will. Go figger.
What makes you think I'd think that?   Some manufacturing flaws are subtle, and do not show up for years, like for example the leaking capacitors on an emac that I had, it was a recognised problem and was fixed outside warranty. Do I think Apple deliberately put in faulty capacitors? Er ...no.   However years after the fact it is now evident that an entire batch of 17" G5 imacs had some sort of component fault that was specific to that particular model. Consumer...
Forget this what about the disgraceful G5 17" imac screen scam by Apple. I had two G5's and one day a pink vertical line sometimes changing to blue occasionally appeared then disappeared. Often popping up in different spots. Long story short this started on both G5's and gradually increased to a plethora of permanent lines over a two year period until it was virtually unusable.   This is well outside the warranty. But in looking for clues to this behaviour I discover...
laugh out loud, it's deja vu all over again.
I'm hoping for a laser powered fingernail trimmer on the home button.
"...Well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said..."   I hope for poor Ming's sake that he gets most of his predictions right because otherwise he's going to have to lose his ubiquitous trademark 'well connected' epithet.
I can feel a tsunami of excitement building for the next iPhone iteration.
First we had the telegraph wire and after a hundred years or so of innovation we can type in Morse code on our laptops.
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