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"fremdschämen", I like it, a bit like a step brother to 'schadenfreude', you have to hand it to Germans, who else but them could have a name for these concepts. My all time favourite though is the german word for 'tank'... die shutzgrabenvernichtungspanzerkraftwagen, it's easy to see why 'tank' caught on.
I will buy this lens and everyone will like me and cute girls will recognise my childlike wonder and life will be good. Videos like that should come with a health warning, I'm feeling slightly nauseous
I have said it before and I'll say it again, not samsung and not apple will ever get this iwatch business into mainstream use unless big ass flares and paisley 'body' shirts come back into fashion big time.   At best it will be a niche market for joggers and the like.   In fact I would not be surprised if Apple's take on this is just a big smokescreen to throw others off the track, if Apple has a new product it's sure to be something from left field, it won't be worn...
    With 7 billion people in the world there will always be "many" who want something that you and a few people you know also want. However the major change that Jobs made upon taking control (in every sense of the word) of Apple was to reduce the plethora of objects that Apple manufactured. Apple's major advantage is that it's quality precluded the need for myriad variations. Apple has sort of married the mass production of the Ford motor car with the exclusivity of the...
  Ctrl would have been correct. That is the reason it would break the keyboard, because he was referring to a PC keyboard.
I think the plaintiff themselves pose more harm to the world due to the very real possibility of them breeding. A truly frightening scenario.
I cannot believe that an item like this is going to be anything other than a niche product. Unless it has some sort of secret awesomeness but I'd be willing to bet that this is going to be a relative flop. But then I suppose they have done their market research, but my splanchnic says no.
I'll be testing it out with my carborundum tipped dental drill and if there's the slightest mark it's off to consumer affairs and I'll be expecting a replacement, plus a new iPad for the inconvenience.
Actually I think I've misinterpreted the stick figures, they are in fact all guys, but two of them are watching pr0n which seems to have gotten them harder than Chinese arithmetic.
      The above quote is the giveaway that this article is a bit of nonsense beat up. Why? because PC designs have always been 'satisfactory', in the sense that they still do the job.       Is it really. I guess Apple needs to hire this person for his sage advice. The fact is that Apple simply has to keep doing what it is doing. Once a piece of design perfection is reached then it's reached all that needs to be done then is for internal sofware and hardware innovation...
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