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Is it any surprise that they earned less when they shipped more items but didn't sell them?
It won't hurt that Lord Jobs has just received the 'CNBC most influential business leader of the past 25 years', award.  Classic. The most genius ideas are always 'obvious' after the fact. If it was so obvious then how come Samsung didn't do it first. Oh right, they forgot to mention that they meant it was only obvious to Apple.
 Never mind about metal body and fp scanner, Apple was the first manufacturer on the entire planet who got the concept of a smart phone right. And they did it at the first attempt.
Bit of a 'Life of Brian' here, surely.        Also Microsoft missed a trick by not using Jimmy and the Boys' version instead of the original.       Then there was the bit where the guy drops the phone, which was not dissimilar to Virgin Atlantic's famous ad, or the Best Western spoof.  
  er.. 'empirical guidance' could be shown to be that Apple are, and therefore can, run at 103°F.
The Apple clock looks better. Also if Apple pays 21m not for technology but merely for design then that harms Samsung's case due to the myriad design thefts separate to the functional and technology related thefts. 21m for a clock design would put ubuqitous rounded corner icons at a value of say 500m
While I personally prefer the current form factor (albeit on a 5 gen Touch), it is clear ftom the above article that currently Sammy will be shitting bricks at the imminent release of a 5.5 iPhone with sapphire glass.
This post is a bit too highbrow for me, can you dumb it down a bit?
How ironic is it that Apple has now made the slide to unlock work on the entire screen rather than a button.
@pmz, could that 'free utility' have been iTunes?
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