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 Hotcakes don't sell this well.
Reminds me of the Cubli    
 But it's OK now because Tim Cook is gay (whatever 'gay' means). Personally I think it's odd that AIDS is associated with homosexual sex seeing as it's predominantly a heterosexual disease at its place of origin.
When I went to set up 2 step verification it took me ages to work out that after I had logged in to apple id, that to proceed with the verification process I had to enter my security questions to continue.
If Samsung can manage to keep their metaphorical noses above the water line for another year, then the 4" iPhone will be history, then they can  steal back their market share with innovative new 4" models
 Apple has already screwed them enough that their advertising budget is doing worse than their top tier smartphones. 
It feels like the 21st century has finally arrived.
The bottom line is, was and always will be that it is a heavy clunky tablet and a badly designed laptop. A hybrid will only ever have limited appeal.
I want to be free, free as the wind. Free is when you don't have to pay for nuthin' or do nuthin', I want to be free, I've got to be free.   — Frank Zappa
New Posts  All Forums: