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I think the plaintiff themselves pose more harm to the world due to the very real possibility of them breeding. A truly frightening scenario.
I cannot believe that an item like this is going to be anything other than a niche product. Unless it has some sort of secret awesomeness but I'd be willing to bet that this is going to be a relative flop. But then I suppose they have done their market research, but my splanchnic says no.
I'll be testing it out with my carborundum tipped dental drill and if there's the slightest mark it's off to consumer affairs and I'll be expecting a replacement, plus a new iPad for the inconvenience.
Actually I think I've misinterpreted the stick figures, they are in fact all guys, but two of them are watching pr0n which seems to have gotten them harder than Chinese arithmetic.
      The above quote is the giveaway that this article is a bit of nonsense beat up. Why? because PC designs have always been 'satisfactory', in the sense that they still do the job.       Is it really. I guess Apple needs to hire this person for his sage advice. The fact is that Apple simply has to keep doing what it is doing. Once a piece of design perfection is reached then it's reached all that needs to be done then is for internal sofware and hardware innovation...
How come the female stick figures are wearing chic triangular skirts but the guy stick figures are nekkid?
I can hardly wait for AngryLiver® for iPod Touch to be released.
No wait, it's more like how a virtual particle can become real when it's partner gets sucked into a black hole...bear with me here. So AI reports what is ostensibly a rumour then WSJ reports the rumour thus converting it into news then AI reimports the original rumour as news. It's like rumour laundering, should be illegal.   AI should nick a news report of WSJ and convert it into a rumour, then sell it back to them as gossip.
How strange, AI is reporting news from WSJ that WSJ got in the first instance from AI. It's like two mirrors facing each other, this could go on forever.
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New Posts  All Forums: