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It feels like the 21st century has finally arrived.
The bottom line is, was and always will be that it is a heavy clunky tablet and a badly designed laptop. A hybrid will only ever have limited appeal.
I want to be free, free as the wind. Free is when you don't have to pay for nuthin' or do nuthin', I want to be free, I've got to be free.   — Frank Zappa
Apple should refer to Sapphire as 'transparent aluminium', sounds more futuristic.
 I got banned from MR many years ago just for posting... "click".
  There is no other computer on Earth as far as I know that has a 27" retina screen that allows me to work at a distance of 14" and see no pixels thus allowing a completely immersive design experience. To call that 'incremental' is mental trollish nonsense.
I must admit I didn't think that Apple could pull this off. I had a good look at the screen in the Brisvegas Apple shop and they allowed me to play with their set up so I could put the retina and non retina side by side. Of course the retina is absolutely magical close up, just like my rMBP, at 2 or more feet away pixels were not visible on the non retina, however I was surprised to notice that in spite of this the retina imac screen was able to reproduce finer...
Apple's security including the concomitant dribbles of leaks and information about upcoming products are very much a part of the whole marketing frenzy that is very much a part of the mystique of Apple. Bottom line: it's worth a lot of money. When you think about the 13Billion that Samsung spent and compare that with the carefully controlled hype that Apple orchestrates, partly with its policy of secrecy as the main tool, then it is clear that they get about 100 billion...
  GT says it bent over forwards. Apple duly obliged.
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