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Funnily enough Macrumors bumped the $149.99 price up to $150 and Appleinsider rounded it down to $149. Does AI have a vested interest or are they simply a victim of pop psychology in price structures.
Laugh out loud at what I presume is meant to be derogatory. If you got doo doo on your arm or any other part of your body than what you use toilet paper for, would you get a piece of paper and wipe it off or wash it off? Well some people, even people who are very wealthy  choose to wash poop off. Go figger.
Apple should rename their Chinese product, 'The Lucky 888 iPhone' and they'd be sorted.
I was refused a business name 'concept illumination' due to the possible confusion with another company called 'concept lighting' even though I made analogue slides for audio visual presentations and they made light fittings. 
You've got to be Grewal to be kind. That's what Apple will be hoping.
Will there be a Creative Suite PE* ? *pirate edition
I like how we have tiers of analysts. There's your bog standard analyst then there's your "noted" analyst.
I presume a 'suer' is a new word meaning (appropriately enough) 'Samsung user'. Interestingly 'suer' is also a homophone of 'sewer'
Welp, the 680mx in the current imac is better that the gpu in the current mac pro.
Clever name that leverages the "retina" glow and is also an anagram of 'Siri'
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