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How come the female stick figures are wearing chic triangular skirts but the guy stick figures are nekkid?
I can hardly wait for AngryLiver® for iPod Touch to be released.
No wait, it's more like how a virtual particle can become real when it's partner gets sucked into a black hole...bear with me here. So AI reports what is ostensibly a rumour then WSJ reports the rumour thus converting it into news then AI reimports the original rumour as news. It's like rumour laundering, should be illegal.   AI should nick a news report of WSJ and convert it into a rumour, then sell it back to them as gossip.
How strange, AI is reporting news from WSJ that WSJ got in the first instance from AI. It's like two mirrors facing each other, this could go on forever.
  downloading now
    I don't really think anyone is demanding this at all, Apple keep upping the ante on this one themselves. I think people understand that while hardware will get faster and more powerful indefinitely, it will not get ever lighter, there's a limit and we probably are very close to it. In fact I don't think anyone would want any more heft removed from the iPod touch, we need to feel some substance.   With regards to the 3.5mm micro connector it will never be able to have...
  You mean they're going 'cheap cheap'?
    Fandroids have gf's [?!], I thought that's what their tablets were for.
How about editing in a few paragraphs.
    I can't see what the problem is, what's wrong with rotating the display then doing something in the meantime, like make a sandwich or finding your car keys, then the display will be nice and rotated when you return.
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