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I had to do a double take on the last word which I read as "masturbation" which in some ways could be more accurate.
Like barf out Gag me with a spoon I am sure Totally
Would 256 make any real world difference if its a fusion drive?
That is what will happen, It makes perfect sense to have a fully kick ass professional unit.
Or coffee
Resistance is futile/g ** gravelly voice
By 2020 you'll need to book your children in while they are still in the womb so they can attend the 2035 event
"price point" sounds like marketspeak for "cheap", what's wrong with simply using "price"
The article is based on the above flawed premise which is never explained and throws in a gratuitous editorialising "desperately" for added drama. So many words saying not very much at all, it's a lost art.
Not quite, it's more like Android is teaching people to drive with square wheels and when the benefits of driving is well enough integrated they move on to Apple's 'round wheels' for a more holistic experience.
New Posts  All Forums: