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Apple should refer to Sapphire as 'transparent aluminium', sounds more futuristic.
 I got banned from MR many years ago just for posting... "click".
  There is no other computer on Earth as far as I know that has a 27" retina screen that allows me to work at a distance of 14" and see no pixels thus allowing a completely immersive design experience. To call that 'incremental' is mental trollish nonsense.
I must admit I didn't think that Apple could pull this off. I had a good look at the screen in the Brisvegas Apple shop and they allowed me to play with their set up so I could put the retina and non retina side by side. Of course the retina is absolutely magical close up, just like my rMBP, at 2 or more feet away pixels were not visible on the non retina, however I was surprised to notice that in spite of this the retina imac screen was able to reproduce finer...
Apple's security including the concomitant dribbles of leaks and information about upcoming products are very much a part of the whole marketing frenzy that is very much a part of the mystique of Apple. Bottom line: it's worth a lot of money. When you think about the 13Billion that Samsung spent and compare that with the carefully controlled hype that Apple orchestrates, partly with its policy of secrecy as the main tool, then it is clear that they get about 100 billion...
  GT says it bent over forwards. Apple duly obliged.
  I do, and every mac I set up for others I do the same, there's no reason not to.
 Thanks for a straightforward answer.  "...gay in 'real terms' means being attracted to the same sex..." exactly that is my point. If we were to then investigate this further, (which I'm not going to do here) then it's pretty easy to see that asking a few more questions based on your answer will show that 'gay' becomes a very nebulous concept, especially in relation to being not 'gay'. An example of of some of the pertinent questions I could ask would be ... 'if a 'gay'...
Blind Freddy could have told you that $1500 for the dearest watch was laughable. I think their most expensive version will easily top $5000 because Apple has the technology to make individual watches one at a time and I'm sure they will do that too. In fact if you make the Italian chain band out of gold as well, you'd be looking at 20 grand just for the gold.
Look, I could answer a whole bunch of the posts to me, but lets face it they are just from ignorant so called gay people who seem to have a big bee in their bonnet and have no intention of engaging me in proper debate. The gist of my original post is deliberately being misconstrued as some sort of homophobic diatribe and I suppose the reason for that is that it's in your collective comfort zones to engage in this manner.   Only Micky the Macky seems to have got it. You...
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