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There are no iWatch leaks because this is one of the greatest corporate hoax's of all time. Apple will just keep stringing it out while the bottom feeders battle for supremacy in mediocrity.
 Yeah, I also heard that story from my high school science teacher about 40 years ago and it was between England and Germany.
This is utter nonsense. The device increases the bend in the wrist which is the precise opposite of what you want. If you want good ergonomics for a laptop then you need the top of the screen at eye level and a wireless keyboard.  
 It's an Apple forum, it's what we do.
Pretty ads, shite phablet.
 It sticks out of the similarly designed iPod touch and I can assure you that it is completely a non issue. I have no difficult at all in believing it will protrude.
 Well how to you explain this?  . 
 Well it must be true then.
Oh yes Apple will definitely be looking to expand into the bottom end crapware market. /sTouché.
 Ah yes now I see that it only works for the ai app, there is also no avatar on the mobile version as well as the desktop version. 
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