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I would imagine the conversation went something like this.D: You must allow us to install crapware or we will not help you by buying your phone.A: F*#@ off. OK, how about this, you agree to a quota of 40% of iPhone sales and we give you nothing in return.D: OK.
Like the saying: I can't afford cheap shoes, similarly... I can't afford a free phone.
I feel I've been cheated here, because Ming-Chi Kuo has been mentioned without the ubiquitous 'well connected analyst' epithet being used. What if I had not read the other article, what if I was new to the world of Apple rumours, I would not be aware of Ming-Chi Kuo's 'well connected' status. Lets hope this is a one off error.
Let's acknowledge that without Apple there would be no Samsung smartphone, or Phablet. Apple singlehandedly created an entire new genre of objects. All the infrastructure was already there but no one knew how to make it work. Without iOS, Android would not have been invented.
All I ever need is layers and channels, so CS6 is already way overkill. I'd be happy with ps 4 functionality. I like the ZBrush model, I bought ZB 1.13 about 13 years ago for about $300, haven't had to spend a penny more as all upgrades have been free up to the current ZB4r6
Wearing screen based technology will never become mainstream at least within my life time, it is far too dorky. Unless it's a genuine retro 2 way wrist video
 Don't get me wrong, I think this watch is seriously hilarious and I find it difficult to believe this is not a joke, nevertheless I have to disagree with you about the screw slot alignment comment. It is fact looks more right to have the slots at random angles because that is natural for real screws otherwise they would look ornamental. http://s13.postimg.org/zet2msanr/screenshot_142.jpg
  What a surprise!  /s
We'll find out what this 17W adapter is for right after Cook announces ''One More Thing!"
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