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And there's the rub, they *cannot* respond due to the nature of the product, and therefore the industry will be collectively shitting themselves. Once Apple reached a certain size and power the resources that they are able to summon will mean they will be pulling away at an ever increasing pace. Giant conglomerations like Samsung are going to have to break apart into completely separate divisions or other companies are going to have to merge their resources. It's clear...
They say the similarity is phonetic but iFon would be pronounced to rh yme with "gone" in the absence of any diacritical marks. They needed "iFone" to give this one legs EDIT: I had to add a space in "rh yme" to stop VagLink from linking to a shopping site. This looks like a worrying new direction for appleinsider.
That 'grand opening' sign is a bit sad. But I'm not surprised that a store is willing to accept payment. One time I was in the Perth casino and I threw a $200 legal tender gold coin on the table and they refused to accept it until I called the pit boss down for an explanation as to why a casino would illegally refuse cash.
 How trite. I'm sure that phones themselves will cease to exist in 100 years, replaced by a technology that would seem like magic today but by then Apple will be at the forefront of this new technology that replaced phones. Or perhaps you meant further into the future when the Sun expands into a red giant and envelopes the Earth in its outer atmosphere.
Dream on Poochi, dream on...
 It's not Apple that's for sure, they aren't interested in the feature phone market.
Jobs is still using his influence, in the Big House.
How is it that Current C are able to use the copyright symbol as their logo. 
Double post
The director who trousered 10 million could certainly afford to fund a lawsuit if he really believed he was right and would therefore win.
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