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  I do, and every mac I set up for others I do the same, there's no reason not to.
 Thanks for a straightforward answer.  "...gay in 'real terms' means being attracted to the same sex..." exactly that is my point. If we were to then investigate this further, (which I'm not going to do here) then it's pretty easy to see that asking a few more questions based on your answer will show that 'gay' becomes a very nebulous concept, especially in relation to being not 'gay'. An example of of some of the pertinent questions I could ask would be ... 'if a 'gay'...
Blind Freddy could have told you that $1500 for the dearest watch was laughable. I think their most expensive version will easily top $5000 because Apple has the technology to make individual watches one at a time and I'm sure they will do that too. In fact if you make the Italian chain band out of gold as well, you'd be looking at 20 grand just for the gold.
Look, I could answer a whole bunch of the posts to me, but lets face it they are just from ignorant so called gay people who seem to have a big bee in their bonnet and have no intention of engaging me in proper debate. The gist of my original post is deliberately being misconstrued as some sort of homophobic diatribe and I suppose the reason for that is that it's in your collective comfort zones to engage in this manner.   Only Micky the Macky seems to have got it. You...
Hello FreeRange, how intelligent of you to tell me to STFU. You seem to be arguing not with anything I said, but with some bizarre interpretation of whatever it is you think I said. I would not use such a childish expression as 'eat my wife's pussy', however seeing as I put myself up as someone who knows what they are talking about, I think I am fair game to be asked any question that anyone deems relevant. It is telling of you that you are only able to talk in safe...
Unless you can say more than 'nope', I say 'yup. If it is not, then how do you explain a supposedly 'straight' person who later claims to be 'gay' and vice versa? Was it something they ate?
How can we know if you do not elucidate, or at least give us some clue as to the machinations of your mind.
I wonder how long CSV and Rite Aid will be able to hold out.
Or, you have a teeny tiny country, certainly one of the two anyway.
 Unless someone here wants to define it otherwise, 'gay' is a lifestyle choice. And if anyone like myself wants to bring up particular issues that may not sit well with your prepared clichés about murdered babies and religious intolerance then I'm met with a torrent of anger. Which says more about you than it does about me.
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