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Someone should trademarmk i* and corner the market.
According to ars tech, "While some companies got irked by others buying ads keyed to their names, none of them succeeded in getting a judgment against Google in court." so I can't see how this can stand up. At the very least it would have to wait till the iWatch from probendi materialises, which we all know will not happen.
 Why the angst?, it's going to get 64 bit in the update, real estate is a matter of choice and I prefer a 4" size and as far as I can tell a 5s is still an iPhone. sms messages? oh I'm heartbroken.
For people who work from home the iPod is like an iPhone without the price tag or data rip off. I just needed a bit more oomph for Frax Pro. It's also the perfect form factor. Set it up with Manything the other day as a security camera and it stream DTT with my netstream plugged into the wifi, and with Apple Music, it does frikken everything.
If they release it before the next iPhone then it will be ignored because everyone will be waiting to see the iPhone 6s, and if they release it afterwards, then no one will care because the iPhone is such a media whore. Probably the best strategy for the most publicity would be to release it on the same day.
 No, not 'thank god for backups', than yourself for having half a brain. I'll never understand people who post in forums looking for answers to how to recover their 'absolutely priceless' photos. If people haven't understood in this day and age that they need to have everything backed up, then really how can anyone have any pity for that. In other words you are fabricating a bitch, it's not lucky you were backed up, it's frikken normal.
 Could be embarrassing whomever is found up their arse.
I don't understand the radio component. When I typed in The Orb, I see there are playlists, and videos and other categories which are self explanatory, but there is also a STATIONS> button which takes me to a list of 4 million radio stations all to do with The Orb. I don't understand what these are, they can't all be dedicated radio station or are they?
All the iPod touch needs is an A7 processor and you can stick a fork in it. A8 would be golden then they can hold off for another 3 years.
 Do you suffer from DT's or something? I never even knew that shake thing existed till now, just tested it and it's not really a shake so much as an accelerated stop. I can't see how you can do that accidentally.
New Posts  All Forums: