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I notice that the phones were not used as weapons. Would it have made a difference if in was the glass and metal S6.
Time to admit that chess has been taken over by computers and move on to the crème de la crème of board games; Go, pronounced 'goh'.   Three rules, pieces are all the same, and nothing moves. Makes chess look like tiddlywinks. And excellent free clients for mac and ios too.   http://pandanet-igs.com
Why don't if for example a chip foundry has plans for going from say 30 to 22 to 14 nm, why don't they start designing 14, when the 30 is released? Why is it that they need to go down in steps. I presume there is an actual reason and not just the obvious cynical reason.
 And in Australia too. We also had the 'toecutter' gang. They used bolt cutters to cut off their victims' little piggies.
 Or as Lenny Bruce said in his notorious trial on the difference between porn and art. 'tearing off ass with class'
It would be a breakthrough move if Apple were to build a small thorium reactor, which would require a considerable investment, but they have the funds and it would then show the world the way to use green nuclear technology. No one else has the political will to get this  going.    
I stopped using 'hey siri' on my ipod when one day it started talking to me because it heard something that was playing on my computer, and even though it was nothing like 'hey siri' it nevertheless triggered siri, so that means that whatever I was saying at the time would have been transmitted to apple's processing servers. This does not make me comfortable.
  On the face of it I agree, but then again thinking about it a bit more, it could very well be a marketing tactic, and a very special one at that because no one else can do it because they don't really have anything to boast about. It is probably a deliberate strategy, as people like to be on the winning team, or more simply if everybody is buying the iphone in spite of 'bendgate' and antennagate and all the other gategates, then perhaps all these 'gates' are just bollox. 
Every felon was once a non felon. Also a felon needs to be caught to be branded a felon. Successful felons are not caught.
The curved sides of the Edge, will nevertheless result in the front glass being more rigid and consequently having less flex and therefore being more prone to cracking when stressed. In the case of a corrugated iron roof or corrugated cardboard, you want the thin board to be more rigid so a transverse curve is introduced, but with a phone screen you want it to flex, like the stem of a plant. 
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