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When the cheap plastic iPhone is released with the same size screen as current iPhone and is a runaway hit, you will come to understand that the current iphone size is perfect and that oversized handsets are only a fad market.
I predict (and you can quote me on this) that this new iPhone will end up proving what an excellent size the current iPhone is and that this new category of cheap phone from Apple with iPhone 5 dimensions will be a runaway hit as the iPad mini was, and defy all predictions (apart from this prediction)
An excellent article giving a wide angle temporally inclusive perspective. It was also fun to read and even makes me inclined to believe that Australia can win the Ashes, go figger.
    For someone who only posts one a year, it wasn't worth the wait.  
With the new mac pro and redesigned ios it feels like Apple are dragging the entire computer industry along by the vacuum they create as they speed into the future.
To all those who got very exercised by my comment on 'does it deserve to exist', maybe my comment was overly elaborate but the bottom line it is that 'derserve to exist' is too smarmy and arrogant by half.
  In other words, if something makes sense to do, then it should be done. This type of revolutionary and innovative thinking seems so obvious once someone has voiced it. Now everyone will be wondering why they didn't think of it first.
"Does it deserve to exist"? bejeezus, that's the most pretentious comment about any product I have ever heard (implying Apple's do and others might not) or could imagine hearing. One might wonder whether human beings 'deserve' to exist given our track record at extinguishing species. Not saying we do or we don't but at least it's a more relevant use of whether something 'deserves' to exist. It even has faint fascist overtones.
  No better than that... iPhone has an REM detector scanning your eyes while you sleep when it detects movement it hooks into the real time smartphone brain scanner which goes into your dreams and tracks you purchasing your new rMBP... order is placed overnight and charged to your account. When you wake up, it is delivered to your door right about the time that a subliminal message on your iPhone locks into the dream and causes you to think about getting an rMBP.
New Posts  All Forums: