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Let's see if they can hold off as long as Docomo did with the iPhone. Apple doesn't care because they know companies are going to have to cave in. How different is it now that Apple is the world's most cashed up tech company as opposed to struggling as a minor player in the 80's and 90's where they got pushed around.
  I'm waiting for electron-microscope-gate, where a 28 nanometer crack is discovered in an iPhone case.
You do realise that buying and selling on the stock market is gambling don't you. 
There is something vaguely Orwellian in an analyst who got everything wrong saying "my predictions were 100% accurate, it's Apple who are wrong because their products did not match my accurate predictions"
They need to release a breakthough Refridgeroaster. 
I would estimate the answer to be in the ball park of somewhere beteeen 'zero' and 'not at all'.
  No one is ever going to use artificial sapphire as a covering glass for a phone, it was never going to happen, it never will happen. It makes not a jot of sense.
I don't even know why that command was needed, you could simply open the folder it's only 2 levels in. It would only be needed for a hidden folder. 
Q: How to solve the problem of landing an object on a comet 500 million kilometres away.A: Don't do it. Problem solved. I think you're onto something here, we can solve all the world problems with this one simple solution. Jonny Ive would like that.
When you read this thread from 2001 on the introduction of the iPod you will find it filled with the most risible posts very similar to yours. For example this one "If Apple does something like this again is going down."
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