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Why doesn't Samsung just leave us alone. You don't see Apple interviewing the occasional person who wanders into a shop to purchase some crap android phone asking "hey buddy, life is short, what the cuss are you bothering with that crap for"?
This is the numero uno most risible article ever. Samsung just don't get it do they.   The simple fact that they need to ask the question tells me that they will never get it.   If you need to ask why Apple's hard and software is so loved then you'll never understand anyway.   Apple products are life affirming. I must admit it seems a little surprised that it has taken so long for Apple to be recognised by the masses.
Remind me how many million they intend to manufacture.
The slightly anachronistic 'Point Of Sale' phrase urgently needs to be rejigged as it is seriously acronym challenged.
I'm really excited about this, I can hardly wait to get booked with the new iPad.
It appears Tim Cook was not referring to the angle of the chamfer or even the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone with his 'doubling down on secrecy' statement, but rather we now see that he meant the very well kept secrets that the so called analysts are only now discovering.   Touché Tim, he who laughs last certainly laughs the loudest.
I like the 5c and I'd get one if I wanted or used a phone, indeed I have to seriously think about swapping my iPod for one. Having said that, if the slogan for the 5s is "Forward thinking", then 'c' must be for 'children', albeit forward thinking children. Who one day will need to do grown up things that require fingerprint scanning devices, but for now  are preoccupied with colours and spots.   This is not a bad metaphor for what seems to be going askew with the world...
 Agreed, great reading and excellent journalism. I think you mean 'overnight' in a metaphorical not literal sense. Even with Apple's huge resources and experience it would take more than a single night to rewrite 32 bit code to 64 bit.
 Not sure, I'm told my my Greek friend that it's an old Jewish saying.
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