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I have worked in the professional photographic lab field for 30 years and for much of that time colour matching was a black art, trying to match dyes against pigments and different levels of UV reflectivity as well as critical densitometric colour control. Having recently purchased an ipod touch, I can, with some authority say that the colour matching abilities of the screen with photos taken with the inbuilt camera, in a variety of mixed lighting conditions and subtle...
We sold 50% of our stock in the first 3 hours, now we only have one left.   Seriously though the Surface pro was dead in the water from the off. It's a completely new category of product and it's not one that people will want in any significant numbers.    It is clearly a well made well designed quality piece of equipment and you have to give MS some kudos for that, however for those that want a tablet, it's far too clunky and as a laptop you'd be better off with...
Ironically the "shushing" is s copy of Dr Evil's mannerisms in the scene with Scott.
Fat's can be used as long term or emergency energy. Proteins are not a source of energy but in fact require energy to build, An average cell might contain 50,000 different proteins and making these does not come cheap.The energy currency of the the body is the ATP molecule and by cleaving one oxygen atom off, releases a lot of energy held in the atomic bond. Further sugar, is rearranged from it's constituent C, O, and H atoms water and carbon dioxide in order to gain the...
I think you mean 'complete' protein. Which means the 8 proteins out of the 22 that dna codes for, that we cannot produce. Lots of things contain complete protein, like potatoes for example. In other words it's possible to live on potatoes, which would also be a good source of carbohydrates which is the main source of currency that our body uses to get the energy to build structures that require energy to put together.
If Steve knew before he died that this complete and utter tosser was going to play him in a biopic. It would probably be enough motivation to stay alive so he could kill the project off first.
What about 'smart porn', notifies you when you're done.
What would be 'impure' cash, badly laundered perhaps?
  Well, it's a given that the problem with the imac (if it's not the actual casing) is the laminated screen. What I have suggested is pretty well what they released minus a thinner case and laminated screen, with regards to functionality. I can't see how waiting for the production of laminated screens while still releasing the iMac that everyone was waiting for anyway, would impact their other products in any way.    Screen problems were flagged eight months ago. The...
It is now obvious with hindsight that the new designed iMac was a generation too early. They could have left the old design for one more generation and still put in the ivy bridge, usb 3, ugraded SSD plus HDD offerings/Fusion, and faster GPU's. They would have no supply problems and they'd have been able to delivery earlier. This would have more than satisfied pretty close to 100% of users. 
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