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How ironic is it that Apple has now made the slide to unlock work on the entire screen rather than a button.
@pmz, could that 'free utility' have been iTunes?
Say it, it's feels cheap. Isn't that better.All crappy looking things look better when you can't see them.
The CEO of Apple being gay seems to be a rather tenuous link for this story to appear on an Apple rumours site. I've always automatically associated Apple with beautifully made well designed products but now it seems that Tim Cook has unfurled a rainbow flag atop Apple House.
Could have ended up being a nightmare for fairgrounds and school fete purveyors of candy apples.
So MS are saying 'hey we don't give a shit what you install our software on, we trust you know what you're doing'. 
I would have been happy to take a few hundred thousand off Google to notify them if I heard any rumours about WhatsApp possibly entering into a deal, if they had bothered to ask me.
How does Ming-Chi Kuo do it. Who could ever have predicted that Apple would discontinue it's second generation 3 year old iPad2.
Seems a little, er... how to put it, evil?
Apple need advice because they only have 159 thousand million dollars in the bank, which is barely enough to buy a small country these days.
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