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 If you mean changing the size of the window to fit the contents then there's a better way than pressing a tiny button, you can double click anywhere on the title bar, which used to minimise the window in early OS X.
Dark mode looks like it's still in Alpha.   I prefer Menu Eclipse to darken the menu bar and cDock to remove the dock background completely. What used to bug me the most was the drop down menus if I got up at night, even with menu eclipse they'd be glaring white but now with translucency, all is right with the world.   EDIT: added new screenshot. I just discovered that Menu Eclipse works in Dark Mode to darken the white type because the bright white type looks a bit...
 I guess if you're going to crack her open anyway to put an SSD in one may as well change the HDD. 
Looks like the best way to go is to get the standard 1TBHDD and add something like a 512mx100 SSD for $200. Too bad they don't supply a 2TB HDD
I find putting the cursor on a word and three finger tapping useful for a quick dictionary definition. Also have you tried inertial dragging? Keep your 2nd and 3rd finger stationary on the trackpad then you can inertially drag with your forefinger.
 I can assure you that tapping works flawlessly in Mavericks, and Yosemite. It also checks and unchecks fine in the Trackpad prefs. Except of course for the "Tap To Click" checkbox because once you tap it off, then tap is off so it won't turn it back on. Now that you know the problem is not with Mavericks you should first of all trash your prefs, and maybe also trash your cache. 
If this has been reported correctly then the judge is another media whore pratt judge. It is a FACT, that the analogy that he gave of a 'disgruntled homeowner' not only entirely inappropriate but it already shows a bias against Apple. Just like other judges who do not have the subtle appreciation of design who have ruled against some of Apple's patents because they don't understand it.   Further in my opinion he/she has also revealed a smart ass bias with the comments...
 He must have forgotten that Apple just bought his company for three thousand million dollars.
Brilliant way to build a future workforce.
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