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The 4" screen for a phone will never be 'outdated' in the foreseeable future because it's a size that is dictated by human scale. 
I have always been a bit leery of a larger screen than 4". I don't use a smartphone but my iPod touch tells me what I need to know. And for me that is the Touch, feels very good in the hand and the right size as well. I find it as immersive watching a moving on the 4" screen as a 27" screen because you hold it so close.   However now that the 6 has been released I have found myself on ebay looking for 64GB New condition models of the 5S. The upgrade in processor and...
 Easy tiger!
  Is that a freudian typo?
Why Twinkies
This is probably a good thing as the big ass short supply 6+ is aimed more at the Asian market, is it not?
Mind you the plucky little Voyager 1 is doing OK after 36 years.
After a secluded first couple of years, Cook is beginning to get a little weird.
 Sorry about that, I didn't notice. Not sure how it happened. I must have clicked a reference link in an article and forgot where I was.
I feel very sorry for Apple, why should should be expected to pay up over a valid patent when they are on the verge of bankruptcy with barely enough cash in the bank to buy a small country like Luxembourg.
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