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I think the standard apple bluetooth keyboard would be more versatile. It probably has better keyboard feel, it's lighter and sure, you might have to prop the ipad up but then you can put the keyboard in any position.
I thought 'Kool Aid' was a reference to the electric acid kool aid test, as in 'tripped out', rather than jim jones
I wonder if the govt will release a civilian version of their WarGames®
I could do 99% of what I need in photoshop 4 if I had to.
  More like skin flutes.
If true, then Apple has made an arrogant blunder.
OMFG yes, I want to experience life without boundaries or limitations. I want a frikken plastic phone.
I prefer my nokia 8210 phone, but having recently bought an ipod touch which is the same size as the iphone I was amused to watch someone yesterday on the bus with a big ass samsung phone as they gingerly balanced it in one hand not being able to grip it properly, with their thumb looking like it was going to cramp any minute. Looked pretty silly.
  They could probably accommodate a small particle accelerator on the roof.
Their company model was solely based on high quality and minaturisation. And because everything is minature these days and quality overall is pretty good, they got overtaken in these departments and missed the boat to the 21st Century.
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