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A television? Lordy, what will they think of next!
Maybe all they will do is at a 7970 and make the macpro a bit thinner.
Wouldn't it be amusing if after finally completing the shift, Samsung were to launch a hostile takeover of TSMC.
  Not sure if this is what you mean but in a list view, you can select all (Cmd A) then get info (Cmd i) and in the first tab (info) there is an 'Artwork' box where you can past art that will be embedded in the file
The scales and wings in the logo look like a face making a drôle expression, especially with the heavy lower lids glancing sideways and the curled mouth.  
If there is a god, please let this not be the start of 6 months of relentless iphone  5S part leaks.
  As Clinton said that depends on your definition of sex, and also what the meaning of the word 'is' is.
  Says a country is 'nasty' to do business with, without any elaboration and you think that is acceptable, informed, useful, relevant comment? It's a ridiculous snide pointless and inflammatory comment.
    Here we go...
Are you being sarcastic?
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