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  Sigh! I was wondering what happened to 'whacky tie day'
    How can you be so sure?
    I already said what the problem was, namely, at the moment it's the cost of external TB SSDs. btw Seagate make an external TB enclosure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bNqq1cCNFM
...could be difficult for competing Android and Windows Phone devices to copy...     This is a gratuitously insulting statement. Samsung is one of the most innovative companies on the planet, they have a tried and true strategy already in place. They simply copy it now and work out the detail later in the courtroom.
I'm not sure why you are surprised at no mention of mac pro, didn't Cook say something about doublin' down on something or other.
I was perusing a very long thread on the whirlpool forums recently for fun, it was speculation on those waiting form the just about to be released 2012 imac, the thread was started in February, so it was amusing to go through it with hindsight. Most people were salivating at the prospect at the HDD SDD  upgrade options. They were eagerly waiting and holding off because the imac was listed as 'don't buy, imminent update' on macrumors.
 I tingle with anticipation at your reasoning
Not surprised to hear iMac sales down, this would be solely due to no option for decent HDD and SDD as many were expecting compared to SATAII 256 SSD with 2TB HDD from 2011 imacs. 128GB SSD Fusion is fine for the average consumer as it will give them an impression of something fast. This will be OK in the future when external thunderbolt SSDs are more affordable but the separate SSD plus HDD option should not have been eliminated yet.
  ...America did not have presidents who blew their load over their teenage intern's dresses while doing unspeakable things with a cigar. Yes Bill, you certainly restored the pride that Americans had in the highest office in the land. It's difficult to think of a more appropriate icon to represent a children's charity.
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