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@ireland, it's 329 because it's worth it due to the better quality of manufacture and design, not only that but Apple is not interested in the bottom feeders, never has been and never will, it's not their model. Better to drag the riff raff up to a more enjoyable level of life. Aesthetics is not a small matter, whether one realises it or not.
Now that's sorted Apple can go after the bible apple references.
It's actually free rein. But it's a common error.
If you want to use it as a laptop but need a hard surface, just keep your favourite pron snap on the desktop.
I planned on skipping this release and getting the Haswell iMac, when I bought my refurb 3.4GHz in February 2012. Having said that, I'm not really fussed about the loss of optical drive, I only use it very occasionally and there is the peace of mind knowing that if the external optical goes down (which has happened on my previous two macs) it won't be a problem.   GTX680MX  from what I've gathered so far seems pretty good, so the next one is bound to be awesome. The...
  It's the inward slanting eyebrows, it always amazes me how well it works.
I would guess that they'll be sold as 'refurbished' but they'll be new.
" ...and thin-and-light design" I didn't think it was possible to patent 'thin' or 'light'. So that means no one can make a tablet as light as Apple's or is it like a Merchant of Venice thing where Apple has to specify an exact weight which is patented. Or has Apple patented a range of weights. Does the patent also specify the precise 'thinness' which Apple has patented.
      In Australia when I bought my 5th gen nano they were $29, now they are $25 over here.
I have no qualms about using a $6 30pin cable instead of the Apple branded $29 cable, however I don't think I'd want to use a cheap no name brand cable that needed complicated electronics like the lightning cable, it might be fine but I would not want to take a chance.
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