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I would have been happy to take a few hundred thousand off Google to notify them if I heard any rumours about WhatsApp possibly entering into a deal, if they had bothered to ask me.
How does Ming-Chi Kuo do it. Who could ever have predicted that Apple would discontinue it's second generation 3 year old iPad2.
Seems a little, er... how to put it, evil?
Apple need advice because they only have 159 thousand million dollars in the bank, which is barely enough to buy a small country these days.
If it's raking in 50 big ones a day, and the developer doesn't want the bother then maybe I'm missing something here but wouldn't the normal thing to do in this case be to pay someone say a grand a week to answer the phone?
I thought the Europe analogy was counterproductive, seeing as we have technological marvels like the LHC, and ESA's Planck mission, as well as Concorde and a host of individual bits of genius wedded to history like BMW and Porsche and on and on. Using Europe sort of bigs up Android. 
  It was probably just a lucky guess.
They could use celebrity voices like Susie Essman, "you fat f--k"
That's not a real sniffer in the shot, it's been photoshopped in !
 "Do? No, evil"
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