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 This post is indicative of all the other posts in this thread that seem to imply that Apple is wonderful and blameless and that Australia should be grateful to the pitiful taxes that Apple pays. The 'Apple should pull out of Australia' sentiments are so ludicrously childish. There would be few people who enjoy Apple products and who have such a great affection for Apple and the values of design, typography, and a genuine desire to improve humanity's interaction with...
  OK, I can see the argument both ways. Wholesale price of finished object seems a bit rich, but then again, phones were not so pricey in the past, so Ericsson want more profit from their tech. I think Apple is doing the right thing to have this settled in court, but it should go to a specialist court that would set a precedent. Maybe Apple should have gone for an independent arbitrator who was a retired judge with experience in this field. 
It's a shill bid from Uber, if Apple ends up buying they get a commission. 
  Apple and Rolex will not collide, they'll pass through one another as if  each were not there. There will be Apple Watch buyers and high end luxury watch buyers, and there will be those who purchase both, but there won't be more than a handful of people (if any) who would purchase an A watch over a Rolex or vice versa. Apple is likely to eventually make a dent in the $1000  watch market though. Check out ablogtowatch for an insight into watch world.
Negative interest rates?, does that mean they pay you to borrow money off them?
Had you finished reading my post your pointlessly flamey reply would have been unnecessary. I say how it appears to the lay person then I accept there are other intricies. The point of my post is to implore AI to take this case when it is finished and explain how the actual arguements go.
On the face of it Apple looks like a bit of a dick in this case, as it would seem that it would be a simple matter of basing the fee on what everyone else is paying. How complicated can that be. However, I can only presume that there must be convoluted intricacies too subtle for the lay person to comprehend. Therefore it would be excellent if AppleInsider could follow this one up to the final judgement and publish the court's  full reasoning, so that Joe Public can see for...
 The GT Advanced business model.
When you compare the 1st gen iPhone without even a basic camera to the later iPhones, it is clear that Apple will keep adding ever more sophisticated health and tracking monitors which have a ready made hardware and software base to grow. As the Apple Watch evolves, it will be survival of the fitbittest. It's difficult to see how even master cloner Samsung are going to be able to compete on an equal footing with Apple on this product.    Samsung has made a worse mistake...
 Yeah, this is just Spotify, using the easily tapped 'Apple hate vein', to pressure Apple. All Spotify are saying as far as I understand it is that they want Apple to sell their product in Apple's store for free? Who does that? 
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