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On the face of it Apple looks like a bit of a dick in this case, as it would seem that it would be a simple matter of basing the fee on what everyone else is paying. How complicated can that be. However, I can only presume that there must be convoluted intricacies too subtle for the lay person to comprehend. Therefore it would be excellent if AppleInsider could follow this one up to the final judgement and publish the court's  full reasoning, so that Joe Public can see for...
 The GT Advanced business model.
When you compare the 1st gen iPhone without even a basic camera to the later iPhones, it is clear that Apple will keep adding ever more sophisticated health and tracking monitors which have a ready made hardware and software base to grow. As the Apple Watch evolves, it will be survival of the fitbittest. It's difficult to see how even master cloner Samsung are going to be able to compete on an equal footing with Apple on this product.    Samsung has made a worse mistake...
 Yeah, this is just Spotify, using the easily tapped 'Apple hate vein', to pressure Apple. All Spotify are saying as far as I understand it is that they want Apple to sell their product in Apple's store for free? Who does that? 
One flash module good, duo tone better, so we are going to have... wait for it... 3 flash sources. This reminds me of The Onion gillette mkIII parody
For me the Samsung ad is a macabre and sort of titteringly risible parody of itself doing Apple. It reminded me of the difference between the production of the original Virgin Atlantic 25 years ad, and the parody of the original ad in the Best Western Hotels version.    And what about the tooling shot (below) it looks like a part from a $2 Indian bicycle pump.          
I hope the rumoured ipod touch update, is going to include apple watch support, I'd definitely be tempted.
Carbo Gold Aluminum Oxide​ sandpaper, would also scratch sapphire, but so what?
I'd like to see a publicity stunt from Apple where they produce a watch and link bracelet made of Platinum 190, which is about a billion dollars an ounce. 
 I used to play at the Sydney go club before the interwebs was invented. These days I can play online at pandanet, using the gopanda2 client, for mac, and ios. I'd highly recommend it. Their robots aren't too shabby, at about 10kyu
New Posts  All Forums: