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I am amazed that so many people don't get this, and have posted "why post this". It's probably a rumour started by competitors like Samsung or other people with vested interests and will no doubt hit the ''tech" sections of the popular press soon and Appleinsider is just giving readers a heads up. I mean ferchrissakes they state right up front it's highly dubious and they give their reasons for that.
This is an ultra light 'luxury' item for lightweight dabbling, hence a gold option. In a sense it's almost a new category. Probably will pan out to be a masterstroke.
Top article I feel like I've been there. Ironically I was in the Brisbane CBD Apple store today and while the outside of the building is very elegant the back where the tech area is, was reeking of bacon that seemed to be coming in the rear entrance. I hope they don't plan on selling the edition watch there. It was incongruously nauseating.
You cannot get away from the fact that the stock market is just another form of gambling.
 That's probably more information than I needed.
  Classic Freudian slip.
  But then there will be only two macbook lines; heavier than air and lighter than air.
It would have been nice if the watches could have been modelled by ladies so I did not have to look at all those hairy arms.
Here's a thought, maybe Apple is planning on a scheme which they have not made public yet, whereby owners of the Edition watch, can return the watch to Apple to have the guts replaced with an updated watch in two years into the same casing, for a small cost.
 Yeah I get all of that, and I'm not disagreeing with you with regards to the specialised engineering to produce the gold and the extra cost involved in smaller production run and I understand that the cost is reasonable considering that Apple have said it will only be in a limited edition. That's all fine, I'm just saying that because the bottom line is that the guts of the watch is just the normal mass produced bottom rung watch, that they'd maybe have been better off...
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