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Hublot say they won't sell magic gold to anyone. I'd like to see Apple sell a watch made with single isotope Platinum, sort of like a single malt whiskey only rarer.   One thing I can't get my head around with the Apple watch and one area where I think they have miscued badly is that the $17,000 top of the line edition watch is the exact same guts as the $350, you're just paying for the gold and higher quality band. Unlike say other expensive watches. Take Rolex for...
 Re reading the dire predictions made when the iPhone launched,  from all the industry insiders, never fails to be amusing, and as the years pass it just gets more hilarious. 
 If anything Apple is more like Big Mother.
 Now I'm confused. I am always mild to moderately irritated by American publications putting "z's", in words that should have "s's", it's not just pedantry, it makes it more difficult to read. But now here is a word that clearly has a Z we all can agree on, but it's spelled with an 'S'. 
I feel that Apple has the integrity and capacity to keep ahead of this game. 
 How can a company 'literally' go insane, it could only be 'metaphorically' insane, to be literally insane, Apple, the corporate entity would have to be a person.
 The trackpad on the rMBP already can be configured with touch gestures, a two finder feather light tap is a right click already, which is about as good as a right click can get. Still looks like nice engineering it'll be straight into the MOMA with this.
When I first saw the Apple Pay story on TheGuardian website it was immediately obvious that it was a bank problem, similar to how banks give out loans to people who can't pay it back, without checking, with only the $$$'s signs for guidance.
 Why are you forcing me to charge my client $750 and hour defending this useless claim?
Using BetterTouchTool visual guide I can see that pressing a trackpad harder or softer, results in the device being able to measure more or less of the finger pad touching the screen. Therefore a hard or soft press may simply be a software calibration problem and could therefore be included as a software update rather than  hardware like the 'electrodes' embedded in the apple watch display.
New Posts  All Forums: