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All I ever need is layers and channels, so CS6 is already way overkill. I'd be happy with ps 4 functionality. I like the ZBrush model, I bought ZB 1.13 about 13 years ago for about $300, haven't had to spend a penny more as all upgrades have been free up to the current ZB4r6
Wearing screen based technology will never become mainstream at least within my life time, it is far too dorky. Unless it's a genuine retro 2 way wrist video
 Don't get me wrong, I think this watch is seriously hilarious and I find it difficult to believe this is not a joke, nevertheless I have to disagree with you about the screw slot alignment comment. It is fact looks more right to have the slots at random angles because that is natural for real screws otherwise they would look ornamental. http://s13.postimg.org/zet2msanr/screenshot_142.jpg
  What a surprise!  /s
We'll find out what this 17W adapter is for right after Cook announces ''One More Thing!"
"fremdschämen", I like it, a bit like a step brother to 'schadenfreude', you have to hand it to Germans, who else but them could have a name for these concepts. My all time favourite though is the german word for 'tank'... die shutzgrabenvernichtungspanzerkraftwagen, it's easy to see why 'tank' caught on.
I will buy this lens and everyone will like me and cute girls will recognise my childlike wonder and life will be good. Videos like that should come with a health warning, I'm feeling slightly nauseous
I have said it before and I'll say it again, not samsung and not apple will ever get this iwatch business into mainstream use unless big ass flares and paisley 'body' shirts come back into fashion big time.   At best it will be a niche market for joggers and the like.   In fact I would not be surprised if Apple's take on this is just a big smokescreen to throw others off the track, if Apple has a new product it's sure to be something from left field, it won't be worn...
    With 7 billion people in the world there will always be "many" who want something that you and a few people you know also want. However the major change that Jobs made upon taking control (in every sense of the word) of Apple was to reduce the plethora of objects that Apple manufactured. Apple's major advantage is that it's quality precluded the need for myriad variations. Apple has sort of married the mass production of the Ford motor car with the exclusivity of the...
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